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It would sound like a shame on society if we talk about women’s safety theme in every corner of the world. According to data and researches in every 15-20 minutes, a woman gets molested, whether it is a crowded area or a damp area.

This is just a data which can be untrue also because the maximum percentage of women does not talk about the ill happenings with her.  

Causes of Sexual Assaults 

Coming to the causes in many under-developed nations there are many factors like roaming in the night, drinking at a bar or wearing a short skirt. But the real cause is the fewer amounts of punishment and sometimes null punishment. The culprits will be seen roaming freely while the victims are seen as some untouchable person of society and this kind of treatment often leads to a suicide.

The only cause of sexual harassment of any gender is because of the stratification pattern of the society. There has always been ways of treating a gender differently, for example, late night outings is not something to think for a woman.

Another instance is where a boy’s education is considered mainstream but a girl’s education is neglected. This gives stereotype thinking in men to treat a woman the way they like.

Whenever a girl is facing some kind of eve-teasing, it is generally expected from her to not to react. The other gender takes it as their right and winning too. There are many day to day examples which prove how badly a change of judiciary system and perception is needed for a better society.

Women are not safe in their own home sometimes, a relative is found continuously assaulting them and the parents too do not speak in the fear of losing their relationship with the culprits.  

There is another instance where a child sees from a tender age that her mother is being beaten up by his/her father for small things. Thus it also impacts a negative mindset in children. They can be called as the major reasons of a lesser self-awareness and assaults. 

Examples related to sexual assaults are the daily life teasing’s, threatening, inappropriate touching. There has been a very popular case related to India where a girl was gang raped by six men.  

The case has taken the whole India into action, there were many candle marches and disappointment related to the case where just a 14 year old child inserted an iron rod in victim’s private part. The situation had various trials and also gone for fast track court session where there was a decision making at minimum time as compare to other cases.

There were many amendments related to law and order after this case was considered as rarest of the rare cases. There was a law where it clearly stated that any form of verbal or non-verbal kind of physical violence or and form of teasing was taken into serious offense.

This was the popular Nirbhaya case which awakened a sense of security for every woman but at the same time, after one week or so, our country witnessed a gang rape of two girls and they were murdered by their rapists.  

Ways to ensure Women Safety  

There is always some ways which can ensure safety and precautions are always better than any incident.  

While taking any cab or auto, we must ensure that we know every details of a driver because there were many cases where a cab driver assaulted his passenger and due to lack of information the cases become complex too. 

While travelling in public transport, any activity which involves trespassing of comments or any harassment, a woman should be ready with pepper spray to have a suitable escape from this kind of situation.  

Any kind of training related to Martial Arts or karate helps a girl to fight on her own. For example there are many cases in trains where a group of goons wanted to molest a girl but knowing the tricks related to half paralyze the body helped her to get rid out of those goons.  

There have been many applications which are designed especially for generating the location. For example if someone is facing some troubles and need an urgent help from her family member, her location will be send away to her family members with a message that I am not safe, please reach me as soon as possible.  

In recent times, technology has provided a great platform to pursue a great environment for women safety but at the same time the lesser action and less self-awareness creates a hindrance in the process of ensuring women safety.  

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