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Since time and memorial there has been several debates and arguments going on the gender discrimination, in the simple terms the differentiation between girl and a boy, a male and a female?  If we look into the history the very beginning of the life has projected these two genders pursuing different roles.

Even in the primitive age, man was the one who did the outdoor work and the females were supposed to look after the house and the children. It is from the very start. There has been certain roles and tasks assigned to the genders irrespective of their wish. A male has to go to the office and work and a woman is supposed to look after the house, cook and serve their family.

There are number of stereotypes on the roles of these two genders. Though the world has progressed a lot but still there has to be a lot development and enhancement in the mindset of people when it comes to women. The society and norms are set in such a way that restricts the freedom and individuality of a female in the house. There has to be a change in the usual thought process of the people.

There is a very famous Muslim Bengali writer, Rokhaiya Shokhawat Hossain , who is also a radical feminist, has written a very different book called Sultana’s Dreams. In this she has shown the utopian world, a world where everything is perfect and in order. It is in the form of a dream.

She has dreamt of a world or a country where women take holds of all the responsibilities, be it of outdoor job related work or of indoor, household related work. She has tried to portray though her writing that women are capable of doing each and very thing if they wish to.

In her story she has shown men in the purdah system and inside the house. This idea is absurd keeping in view the general structure of the society but in her novel she has a very strong and power full message to all the women that they are worthy enough to do whatever they like and all the skills to perform everything given to them.

They don’t require men to be dependent on or rely upon. They are self-sufficient for themselves. They can earn a livelihood on their own and feed her family members; they can run the company, business and even rule the country.

In her novel, she has put forward in front of readers a world which is ruled by women. The queen is the governing body of that country. There comes a point in the story where the country was threatened of a war and how all the females managed to fight against the enemies and won the battle.

Though they faced many difficulties but they came up with their solutions and defeated them. She has also shown various scientific discoveries made by women and the overall message and idea that she tried to portray was that, that a women is capable of doing everything.


Knowledge gives power. This is the sole truth of the universe. It is through the knowledge that gives confidence to an individual. Knowledge comes through education and anyone who is given proper education facility would come up as a very talented and learned individual.

When it comes to the question that what would happen if a women ruled the world, then the answer is very simple, they would rule in perfect order and pace. The competition is not between the genders, it is entirely about the education and experience of an individual, and be it a girl or a boy which determines his/her potential to perform the task given.

Every time there comes the face of a man when we think about a leader, it is because the society has always projected a man in this particular way and not the all depends upon the education and here in again comes the discrimination between the two genders.

A woman is suppressed and is not given proper education whereas a man is given all the necessary facilities to get educated. This leads to the deprivation of the women in the society. If she is properly educated and taught then she would became as applicable to rule the world as men are.

A woman has got all the skills, intellect and understanding of the things. Anyone who is properly educated and given a chance would prove to be a great leader and ruler.

If a woman rules the world then she would be able to perform her work very efficiently and successfully. It is true that one can empathize and sympathize very closely to other only when he/she has himself faced the same problem or been in that situation.

A women ruling the world would definitely promote the education of girls so that they are properly educated and given the equal opportunities as of men. It is a woman who gives birth to a male child and not the men. This shows the extent of physical pain, stress and patience that a woman is capable of tackling.

If she is able to bear all these pain then it is well understood that how effectively she would do the job of ruling the world. There are women in every field, be it in sports, art, television, army, medical, engineering and every- where. There are women who are constantly protecting our country at the border.

It is even psychologically proven that a woman has got more patience than men, which in turn makes women rulers more efficient to take decisions or tackle the situations that needs patience. Men in their attributes are aggressive and more impulsive and it is said that decisions taken in a hurry or out of aggression may become a problem in the long run.


Hence, if a woman ruled the world then she would be able to rule with all the patience and right strategy. There is no difference between the efficiency of a man and a woman. Both are equally capable of performing the tasks. Women have come a very long way from their previous time and has made themselves worthy to take up the responsibilities.

In a house it is a mother, a female, a woman who manages the house, performs all the duties, keeps the house intact, and takes care of all the members of the family, her work is much more difficult than that of a male member whose work is just to do the job and come back to the house.

This shows that if a woman is extremely well in managing the house then she can very well manage the world.

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