Speech on Women Empowerment for Children & Students

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Good morning to all dignitaries, teachers and my dear friends. In this male chauvinist society, I stand before you to share my views on the topic “Women Empowerment”. 

First of all, what is Women Empowerment? It’s a topic of heated discussion these days where in this male dominating society, women have to fight for her rights, gender equality and other discrimination’s. 

Yes!!! Women Empowerment is to create a perfect ambience cum environment where women stands equal to women and can take & make her decisions without any social or moral obligations. Women Empowerment is providing equal rights and opportunities to women. Be it social, political, financial or legal rights, all should be equal for men and women.  

Why is Women Empowerment needed? What’s the role and need of empowering the women? Let’s discuss that in detail. 

India is a developing nation and is strongly male dominated country. From the time immemorial, males have been given a very high importance.

Since, males are considered as persons taking the family ahead and have been referred as future of the family. On the other hand, women are considered lower to males as they will be leaving the houses after marriage and will become a part of new family. Above all, a lot have to be given to them as dowry when they are married.

Such old conservative thinking is ruining the society especially villages.  

Still in many parts of the society women are considered to only carry house hold chores and day to day activities related to homes only. Women are born for the caring and upbringing of the children. If a woman gives birth to a female child, she is considered as inauspicious. 

Even in cities, women who are working in offices are not considered good and there goes a prejudice that her husband would not be earning sufficient, that’s why she is working.  This type of bad thinking needs to be changed. 

There are various examples such as Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen which prove that if women are given a chance, they can let the world feel their presence.  

There are various ways in which empowerment can be achieved.  

  • The first one is by educating them. Yes!!!  by providing equal learning and job opportunities, women can get their share of standing on their own feet. 
  • Secondly, is by eliminating the biggest social evil of our society which is child marriage and dowry system. People should understand that if they spent that much money which is kept for dowry on the girl child’s education, she can earn much more than that amount.  And by eliminating child marriage will make her childhood enjoyable and not ruined.  Marrying at proper age which is minimum 18 years will help her to build emotionally and mentally stable to bear the responsibilities. 
  • Controlling Population and banning gender detection has resulted in considerable increase in women population. 
  • By holding awareness campaigns such as by conducting dramas, plays and nukkad nataks in villages. NGO’s and other government organizations should come forward and educate people about various schemes currently run by the government for girl child welfare.  
  • India is not only growing economically but digitally as well. The power of Internet and digital media such as Facebook, twitter is playing a significant role in establishing the status and promoting the gender equality among the public.  

The main barrier which is proving hindrance in the way of women empowerment are the cultural and traditional customs which are still followed very rigidly in our Indian Society.

There is an urgent need to change or ban these norms which are affecting the way of women empowerment. Still many significant rights and developments have been made by the government, which will certainly help India providing the equality which is the birth right of the women.  

Thank you !!  

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