Short Paragraph on Why Paper is Important

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What is paper?

The product, in which we would print, read or writes which is made primarily from vegetable or wood fiber processed into a sheet can be called as paper.

Before the industrialization of the paper production the most common fiber source was recycled fibers from used textiles, called rags. The name paper is originated from papyrus from which the paper is made.

Why is paper used?

The paper changes the life of the human beings, in ancient days paper is used as sheet to write the script.

The paper has many uses they are used for many things, for artists they are used as painting sheets; they are used in banks, collages, schools, offices, etc.

The paper is mainly used to read and write. Indirectly paper gives the knowledge it acts as a mediator between the author and the person who is reading.

Now-a-days, in this generation there were computers but in the olden days there were only papers in which the work was done. Without the paper there was nothing in this world.


Advantages of Paper

There are many advantages of paper

Paper is used for reading and writing, we can get news with the help of paper that is newspaper as newspaper is made up of paper.

Many crafts can be done with the help of paper.

It is used to pack our food, beverages etc.

It is used in our educational life also that is reading in text book as text book is made up of papers.

Even paper makes a prominent role in our household works like a tissue.

Even in the medical products also paper do a prominent role that is bandages, paper plasters, dressing etc?

With the help of paper we can communicate with each other like post letter.

Limitations of the Paper

Even for the most used paper also there would be limitations they are

Paper is made up of trees due to the papers there would be heavy deforestation taking place.

The main disadvantage is we cannot write much content in the paper as it had a limit in it.

importance of papers

A paper can be damages or torn as it is a minus point in it.

Manufacturing of a paper is a huge process and the cost is very expensive.

Role of a Paper In the Current Generation

Paper plays a prominent role in current generation it is the most powerful element.

For a doctor paper is a prescription.

For a painter paper is a drawing sheet.

For a business man it is a document.

For a bank employee it is a currency note.

For a movie director it is a script.

For a post man it is a letter.

For a police officer it is an FIR.

For a solider it is a National flag.


Paper is a greatest thing for a human being, paper may have limitations but using the paper in limit gives unlimited results.

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