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It is a well known fact that an empty-headed or a person with no knowledge will babble about how much knowledge he has whereas a wise person will always keep calm and quiet and will only speak when it is really necessary.

It is simple enough to understand that the person who does not have any knowledge but wants to show the world about how knowledgeable he is, he will boast about his knowledge, how he went to different places to learn them, how he is the best and non-destructible, will try to confuse other people by speaking about illogical things, etc.

A person who is pretending to be knowledgeable will never know the hardships one has to face to become a truly knowledgeable and wise person. The sacrifices needed to be made to become wise and to keep from succumbing to the greed that comes with money and power, shows the courage and his will power to just be a knowledgeable person and not a rich and famous person.

This is the difference between greed and wisdom. A greedy man will always boast about his knowledge to gain more power and wealth whereas a wise person will always speak to give knowledge or gain knowledge.

There are very few people who still have that will power to stand tough against all the greed and corruption in this world to become wise and immune to greed. Whenever a person gains wealth, he most likely becomes greedy to acquire more money and therefore, to become richer than he once was.

But during all this process he forgets that he started this journey to gain knowledge and wisdom and not power and money. Once this is forgotten, the person moves more towards gaining money and power and far away from wisdom and knowledge.

What is Wisdom and how does one become Wise?

Wisdom is the fruit of one’s sacrifices over a period of time, which he made to acquire the knowledge. When this knowledge is applied towards the betterment of the society and to give and spread knowledge among other hardworking people, this knowledge then becomes wisdom.

A person does not become wise and knowledgeable in a day, he has to make a lot of sacrifices and will have to face a lot of hardships during his journey towards wisdom. The initial step is to make a decision as to what kind of knowledge he has to acquire and to also consider what kind of hardships he will have to face in order to prepare for them along his journey.

The option is not to give up but to prepare a lot harder and polish yourself along the journey because the obstacle itself is the lesson and the result will be what the person learned from it thus, forming his personality.

This personality will then reflect in a manner that will show if the person has really gained knowledge or he gave up and accepted defeat due to the hardships and the obstacles. Not many people have the ability to survive the obstacles which are thrown in their way.

But the people who survive prove to have a very strong will power and a determination to be knowledgeable and a good natured person who works for the well being of the society and also to prevent any injustice towards any person who cannot defend himself.

Who Knows Most, Says Least

It is a very powerful proverb which is very simple to understand yet very difficult to apply in a real life situation. In our daily life, we observe many different people from strangers to one of our closest friend who boasts about how he achieved a certain goal.

For example, consider two people who are going to give the same examination but one of them genuinely studies to get good marks whereas the other one just goes on partying and ignoring his studies.

Now during the day of examination, the one who has studied answers all the questions properly and confidently but the one who has not studied will certainly have some cheating planned to get at the least some passing marks.

After their exams, the one who answered all questions will feel satisfied about his exam and will move on to study for his next exam with the same determination. Whereas the one who did not study about the exam will first of all talk to all of his friends about how the exam paper was set to be difficult and how the questions were tricky and difficult, etc.

He will babble about how he studied about everything for days and nights combined hence, he could write the answers correctly (as he will never admit that he cheated to get good marks even when it is observed by other people) and the babbling and self-boasting will go on and on whereas the wiser between these two students has already started studying for the next exam without commenting upon the previous examination.

This is the reason why it is said that empty-headed people waste their time in babbling and pretending to be someone they are not whereas a wise person does not believe in such things.

A wise person will become knowledgeable and will continue spreading his knowledge by using his wisdom in a beneficial manner. A wise person will just continue doing his work while speaking less and therefore, speaking via his actions after all, it is also true that β€œactions speak louder than words”.

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