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Where there is a will there is  a Way. The saying means that if we are determined and have a willingness to do something, however impossible it might seem to be, as shall find a way to do it successfully.

We should have determination and a strong will. At times we find that we are not in a position to do certain things. It is only because we lack the interest to do it or we really do not try to do them; we do not really want to do them.

When we are not interested in something, we try to find some excuses not to do it; we exaggerate things. We try to make it something impossible and hence leave it unfinished.

But if we have the strong desire, we can remove all the obstacles or hindrances on our path and attain our target or goal. We will find how a keen desire and a strong determination, will make light of difficulties, and will discover the way to success.

If we go through history and the auto-biographies of great men, we can realise that many of them became great by their strong will, determination, luck, courage and perseverance.

For example we take the case of the famous American President Abraham Lincoln. Even though he was born in a very poor family, he gradually rose to the highest position in his country by hard work and strength of character.

Even though he could not attend classes in his boyhood, instead of finding out excuses or cursing his fate, he taught himself by reading every book he could get hold of. He had a strong will; he knew that there was nothing impossible for one who really had the desire backed up with perseverance and courage.

Same is the case of so many other successful men in the field of science, literature, politics etc. Their determination to succeed brought them success. Napoleon said that the word “impossible” was not found in his dictionary.

Determination is something which can work wonders. Be determined and the goal is yours.

Short Paragraph on Where there is a will there is  a Way

What is it that makes a man do great deeds, or become successful? It is his determination, or, in other words, his ‘will’.

History is full of examples of people of average intelligence and physical strength doing greet deeds.

Demosthenes, the Athenian, was a week-voiced boy and a stammerer. But he was determined to become a great orator and worked hard to overcome his physical disability. Today he is remembered as one of the world’s greatest orators

Take a look at what man has achieved in modern times! At one time it was thought impossible to fly in the air, orbit the earth, travel in space, send speech over the air or transmit photos to distant places.

A strong will is especially necessary when we come across difficulties and setbacks in our path. We must cultivate a strong will and a strong determination to achieve our ideals.

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