What role do families play in our lives?

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It is true that family is an individual’s closest friend or rather the only people who know each and everything about that person without judging him. There are always exceptions as to who know you well enough; family or friends?

But sometimes even if we have best friends, whenever we have a problem we always go to our mother or father to talk about our problems or just share about what is bothering us.

Nowadays we see many nuclear families that is families having only the parents and their children living together with no uncles and grandparents. Therefore, a child will not know the meaning of a big joint family and how to interact with the relatives when they come home.

But whenever we think about a family, we always think about our parents, our siblings and some very close relative. These are the people in front of whom we behave freely, frankly and we behave like our true self because we know that these people would never judge us.

This is the importance of family. Even when we behave like our true self and under some circumstances if we are under any pressure and by mistake under the stress if we get angry on our loved ones, they would not judge us.

In fact, they would try to understand the situation and make us calm down and allow us to share our feelings and try to solve the problem if possible.

Now even if they do not have any solution to the problem we are facing at the moment, they would just not leave us, in fact, our close family will always be there to give us the silent support which is sometimes very essential to fight through our worst phases of life.

It is not necessary that our family will always support us in our worst phases. There is also a possibility where, our family or our parents might not be happy about some of our decisions in that particular phase of life.

This may be because they might know the consequences before us as they have obviously experienced life more than us. But still, this does not mean that they do not support us, they might not be happy but they stand behind us as a rock support in all our mistakes and achievements.

There are also some situations where we know we have made the right decision but still somewhere our parents do not agree with the decision because they are worried or not convinced about our decision.

For example, if a person wants to go to the United States for a job and wants to settle there, leaving his parents here alone. Now this situation might be unfair to his parents if he is just adamant about not caring for his parents and just leaving them behind alone to take care of themselves.

In this situation, they might not be happy about their child’s decision but they may also fail to understand the importance of the opportunity for his career.

But at the same time, they would be equally proud that their child has the opportunity to make his career and succeed, then they would not mind being alone and without their child just for the sake of their child.

There are some circumstances in life especially our adolescent and young adult age where we are too driven and impatient to achieve our desirable things. In the desire to obtain a certain thing we might make some rash decisions which we regret for later.

For all these mistakes, we get scolded by our parents also sometimes, they would just ignore us for days to make us realise that what we did and the manner in which we handled the situation was wrong.

This is how we learn from our mistakes and also to learn to identify when we make a mistake. This is not possible without our family looking out for us or simply caring for us.

This is the role of our family in our lives, to make us learn from our mistakes, to identify wrong from right and also to develop ourselves into a responsible and good-mannered person in the society.

There is a very good chance that our parents might not understand our need of some thing to be achieved by us in our life. But our parents would definitely try to understand the situation and our need to achieve it if it is for our happiness and well-being.

This is just the simple way of realising that our family may it be our siblings, guardians or our beloved parents, they simply want what is best for us and therefore, they would try with all their will and power to make it come true, just to see that we are happy and smiling.

This is the selflessness and simplicity of the role they play in our lives. We might not know the importance of it when all the things are going just fine, but the moment when something goes wrong, we just run to our mother and seek the shelter of her arms to run away from all the problems.

In that moment, we keep all our ego, pride and attitude which we show to the world, aside and agree to the defeat or the helplessness which we feel and seek our family’s shelter. The importance and the value of our family is unexplainable as it is just the root of how we grow during the different phases of our life.

The one thing which will never fail us, even under our worst downfall is our family. And we trust our family so blindly because we know that family is the one thing which is not corrupted with the malice and selfishness of the world.

In fact, when we are with our family, we forget about the selfishness, hatred and the constant competition for power in the outside world, all because there is no place for such negative feelings in the presence of so much selfless love and purity in a family.

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