Essay on What cannot be Cured, Must be Endured

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It is very true that we humans have found cure for many diseases and solutions too many problems but even after so much progress in science and medicine, there are some diseases which cannot be cured.

For example, Cancer, AIDS, etc. are some of the deadly diseases which cannot be cured even with the modern medicinal progress and evolution. There is a slim chance of saving the patient of such diseases only if the disease is detected in its early stages.

Sometimes, even if the disease is detected in its early stage, the patient cannot be saved due to the severity of the disease and its causative agent. Therefore, the last option that is left with that person when there is no cure is that he has to live with it and thus, endure it.

It is true that even when a person is suffering from any deadly disease he still lives and is cured with the help of the available medication. This is only possible due to the way how a person endures his condition.

If a person just gives up and accepts that he has just a few days left to live because of the disease he is suffering from then the disease will very easily kill him as the person does not fight the disease emotionally.

It is said that if you do not have the will to live, then it will be very difficult to live even in the healthiest of the conditions.

You must have seen many people who are very emotionally negative that is they find some or the other mistake in every situation of life and if these people unfortunately are suffering from any uncurable disease then there is a higher chance that they just give up or are very negative about their health condition and therefore, emotionally adding to the deteriorating health.

One of the best examples of enduring an uncurable disease like cancer can be seen in the movie “Anand” in which the lead role of the diseased person named Anand has a certain type of uncurable cancer. The role is played by the late actor; Mr. Rajesh Khanna.

In this movie, the person Anand endures the disease that is even when he knows that the disease cannot be cured, he lives with it and enjoys the remaining days of his life without regrets and any kind of remorse.

He basically lives his life to the fullest and does not take pity or sympathy from anyone due to his deteriorating health.

It is very difficult for any person to keep aside the negative aspect of their life and just live in the moment. But it is also very essential to live the life or rather the remaining days of life with all the determination and passion instead of wallowing in the pain of not having a long life.

After all, what is the point in living a long life where you are not able to live like you want for example, a child who has suffered from a major heart attack but is saved with the help of an open-heart surgery.

Now, after the surgery this previously healthy and athletic child is restricted from playing and performing all the extra exertion activities due to his weak heart. Now the child will be so disappointed and will therefore curse his life because he cannot live it the way he wants to.

He would therefore wish that he were dead instead of living this half-life. He will be the person to know the importance of endurance and therefore will overcome the situation and will therefore, overcome his loss and will therefore, learn to enjoy and live his life through some other means and activities.

Not all people are fortunate like the above mentioned kid to come out of the diseased condition. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the value of living and not the days for which they live.

Therefore, one should learn to endure or put up with life even when the situation or the disease cannot be cured.

There will be many situations like this which may or may not involve an uncurable disease. For example, the situation where many people lose their homes or valuables due to the occurrence of some natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

Now this situation cannot be cured therefore, there is no other option other than living with it and trying to come out of that situation and phase of life. The person himself will have to overcome his negative emotions in order to rebuild his home and therefore, his life.

Therefore, it is clear that we cannot say that a person’s life has ended the moment he comes to know about a situation or disease which cannot be cured. A person’s life goes on till his last breath therefore, it is all in his hands how he lives his life and endures in all the negative and hopeless situations of life.

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