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Good morning respected Director, HOD and Professors and greetings to my peers and fellow students. Today we have gathered here on this auspicious day of fresher’s party.

Today is the day when the new students of our college will be introduced to the college and the members in it, both teachers and their senior students.

I will be presenting a short speech on my experience in this college and I demand your utmost co-operation while I am presenting my speech.  

I gladly welcome you all on this auspicious day to this institute. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this glorious institute. Freshers are the new faces of the college. They are the budding seeds who will come out in budding colours in the later years.

We all have high expectancy from you people. Now our director and our professors will put forward some of their thoughts and ideas about this college, its rules and regulations. Also we will talk about the importance of a fresher’s party. 

You all know that the fresher’s party is a party that the senior batch that is the students of 2nd and 3rd year arranges for the junior batch. A fresher’s party is not just a party. It is formal introduction. A formal welcome of the new students to the college. It arranged for knowing each other. Hence fresher’s party is really an important platform for the newcomers. 

I was in your place once. After passing out from school I studied for entrance exams. Then I got into this college that is future high college of Engineering and technology. I was extremely scared at first regarding the different issues that one goes through during this phase of life. 

Since my hometown was far from here hence my family decided to put me up in hostel. Readily agreed thinking about the freedom and joys of hostel life. But staying away from home and family is difficult. First few days went in adjusting with the new environment. I met new faces every day. Some of their names I remembered some I didn’t. 

At that time I had a bad idea about the seniors of our college. Since I was a part of the architecture department hence this department required the maximum senior-junior co-operation. One thing I want to make it clear to you all… That is seniors are here to help you. In this college there is nothing called ragging.

We all are against ragging. We believe in friendly and healthy relationship between juniors, seniors, students and teachers and between peers as well. This will become more and more clear to you as the days pass and more that you get to know your colleagues and friends. 

Another item of issue that I want to bring under notice is the issue of consumption of drugs and alcohol in the campus. Drugs are harmful both for body and also for the impact that it has on the ethics and culture of this department.

Hence such kind of act performed in the campus is strictly punishable and any person caught practicing such activity or forcing others to participate can be directly suspended or rusticated depending on the decision taken by the board of directors and this decision will be final and cannot be altered or challenged. 

I don’t want to bore you down by giving you long speeches about the glory and fame of this institute. You are now a part of this respected community and we all hope that you will uphold the integrity and name that this institute has projected. 

I am ——————- a student of 2nd year in the department of architecture. I welcome you all to the event of fresher’s party. We all are interested to know about you people. Hence I would request you to come on this stage with me and tell something about yourself, something that you want us to know. 

Lastly I would like to thank all the teachers for gifting us their valuable presence, then I would like to thank the director for providing us the fund to hold such a party for the newcomers to our college. I would like to thank all the new comers for attending this party with such excitement. 

I hope that throughout the year we will be able to afford you the assistance and care that is expected from us and also help you to guide through the rights and wrong of the college days. I hope we will be more ‘friends’ than just ‘seniors’.

And I also urge you to stand up against any unjust attitude done towards you. In case of any misbehaviour or misconduct done towards you, you have to immediately bring under notice of the concerned authorities. In the event of such a case no one will be spared whether its a newcomer or a senior student. 

Welcome you all to this day. You may enjoy yourselves in the party now. You are the freshers of this year. This is your time. 

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