Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet by Teacher & Students

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A very Good morning to our respected HOD, honorable delegates and alumni’s, friends, juniors and seniors present over here. We all know that our institution has a rich and cultural past. It has built the lives of many students. Also, many students have made a name on the behalf of our institution which altogether have set an example for the coming generations.

Hence today is the day when all our previous day pass outs come back to relive their days. I seize this opportunity to wish you a hearty welcome and many greetings to the day. Welcome to the department of ………………. (branch name) of ………………(institution name).

I thank Mr………. and our guest of honor Mr…………….. and all our alumni’s and delegates for rewarding us with their presence. It was kind of you sir. I will be presenting to you a speech on alumni meet and I hope I will receive your utmost cooperation throughout the time that I present my speech.

Also, I ask you to pardon me for any inappropriate remark or mistake that I may make while presenting my speech. We know it takes a lot of effort to scoop out some time out of your busy schedule and come over. But I promise that you will enjoy every ounce of the time that you spend here.

Also before starting my speech I want to inform the house that we have kept a feedback drop box for your honest feedback. Please feel free to express yourself and drop by a feedback about today’s day before you leave.

Preparations for this grand day had started a month before. Many students actively put in their own little efforts. Not to forget the huge amount of co-operation that we received from our existing faculty members. Can’t believe that the event that we were preparing ourselves for is already here.

So, coming back to the topic of alumni meet. This is our department’s 60th alumni meet. Sixty years of glory and fame. But years ago it was a small struggling institution. It just consisted of a few students and a few departments. Our department was one of them.

The oldest department of this college. But speaking about recent years our graduates have widely spread all over the nation even overseas in search for growth, learning, knowledge and their performances make difference everywhere. Many of you are still on my mind showcasing your excellence and outstanding performance.

Our college has now become one of the top ranking colleges in the city. It ranked the 3rd in the Bengal Educational Department. And to achieve greatness, it has all the important prerequisites such as an expansive campus, conducive environment for all-round growth, experienced faculty, dedicated students, necessary financial resources, etc.

I would like to mention the notable works that you have done for this college. The alumni fund has been benefitting many students year after year. Many students who cannot afford to pay the college fees are now able to do so by the scholarships that are been assigned to them by the alumni fund. We wish to receive such help in the future too and also hope to do such notable works when our time comes.

Coming to our program of today. Our program is scheduled in two halves. First half will be interactive session where you will be revisiting your place of study, also seeing the notable works done by the students in recent years, various upgrades and changes that the department has made, the awards that has been won by the students of the department in the past years.

We have also put up a small display or rather a museum showing the works and awards of your times as well, which have been preserved in the department for all these years. In between we have a break of one hour and thirty minutes. Proceeding to the second half we have an array of different social and cultural events lined up for you in the institute hall stage.

I would like to praise the multiple roles played by you in the society. Many of you hold the key positions of major influence in the society; I would like to appreciate your efforts being done for the development of our society and justifying the years spent by you at this esteemed institution.

I want to conclude my speech by saying that you people are the building blocks of our college today. We seek your blessings and prayer.

We will be following your footsteps when it is our time to leave this institution. Many students have put efforts to bring up this event. Hope you like the preparations that we have made. It was our try to make your day a bit special. Wishing you all the best. Hope you have a good time.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

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