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Weekly market is supposed to hold every week of a month. Every place have their own market adjustable to them, some organise Sunday market, some Tuesday market, some Wednesday etc.

These markets are to buy different things of our daily needs like clothes, utensils, etc.

These weekly markets are generally held on particular day of a week at a particular location, and generally start at mid afternoon about 4 pm and ends at night 10 pm.

People from nearby areas come to visit this market to buy their daily necessities every week, some come to eat some street food.

These markets are held in cities and as well as in villages too, to meet the people requirements.

They sell their product at much cheaper rates so that lower middle class and poor people can also afford these items.

Ways to sell Goods

Shopkeepers try to sell their goods as much as possible so that they can buy new products or fashion next week.

Every shopkeeper has their own criteria to bargain and sell.

Shopkeeper selling clothes squats a piece of cloth which generally costumer like and spread it on ground to show its colour and quality and then bargain , shopkeeper selling utensils shows new type of utensils to reduce the wastage of time or by selling useful utensils .

Shopkeeper selling jewels are generally artificial and affordable and they look great.

Almost every shop is same and there’s a lot of crowd at every shop.

There is almost every shop from groceries to clothes at affordable price. There are many hawkers standing on the roads too to sell some small items.

It’s a great business for those who are new in their business, and they spend short span of time to earn more money as people have to spend less money and time on these goods.

Some of the disadvantages of these markets are

  • They create traffic jams across the roads.
  • Some beautiful products are lying on the ground
  • They don’t use scales or measurement tapes to measure a cloth.
  • Cleanliness is not at all care of.

These shops are temporary (for a day). Snack shops are mostly crowded specially by ladies and children.

Measures to be taken care of 

  • Drive slowly in these areas.
  • Take care of your wallets as there are many thieves roaming around.
  • Tricks to bargain should be good enough.

Hawkers there shout loudly to sell their product .They try to sell their goods in a musical ways like by singing songs or pronouncing unique words or several names.

They also face many competitors to sell the good as there are many hawkers around selling same goods.

These are crowded place so there is no use to take vehicles inside the market, they only create more fuss. So better to walk and then buy goods.

On occasions like Diwali, Holi, Dusshera these places become more and more crowded. The shopkeepers sell their goods in bulk that is benefitted for both shopkeepers and customers.

Some hawkers don’t have carts to sell their good; they use their vehicles to sell specially clothes which could make situation worse in market.

These markets are only possible in India, these markets are not like western markets i.e. Sophisticated, patience, high amount of money to spend .These market shows the Indian culture too.

The crowded scene is very interesting to watch. All shop in a ground in a circle shape and public is between them to buy different things .

These colourful shop are the centre of attraction for buyers as well as sellers. The market at my places is very crowded. Hawkers sell snacks like namkeen, biscuits.

They also sell fresh breads, cupcakes which are very tasty to eat for an evening or morning snack.

They clean the area after the market and before the market so to make area environment friendly.

We all always like to visit these kinds of markets to give a pleasant feeling. There are so many wonderful colours one can see in these types of places.

One can cheaply buy goods from this market and create an experience to tackle the small problems with ease.

So these markets are of very good use for basically middle class people. There is less wastage of time and money both.

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