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Good morning respected principal and teachers and greetings to my peers and fellow students. Today I am going to present before you my speech on “waste management”. I expect your co-operation throughout the time that I am presenting my speech an also pardon me for any mistake that I commit while presenting my speech.

Waste is generated by everyday by human activities. From bathing to eating everything generates waste. Everyday so much of human population generates so much of waste. Where does it go?

Think of your routine from the morning.You get up and brush your teeth. You generate some waste water. You start preparing your breakfast; you generate some waste there too.

Like if you make yourself a sandwich there will be wrappers of bread, the peels of tomato, cucumber, lettuce etc. Then you head straight for office/school. On the way you contribute to pollution by generating some smoke in the vehicle that you travel.

Then in office you use electricity. Vast amounts of smoke and fly ash is generated by burning coal to prepare for the electricity that you use.

Hence you can clearly see in every step you are generating some waste. Waste has three forms-

Solid waste 
Liquid waste
Gaseous waste

There can be sub-categories like semi solid waste, solid-liquid waste, semi liquid waste, solid-gas waste (or tiny microscopic waste particles in gas).

Waste also has division according to its degradation like – bio-degradable waste and non-bio degradable waste.
Degradable wastes are those waste which are subjected to degradation that is which get reduced to simpler forms in the course of time.

Non-Degradable wastes are those wastes which do not get degraded that is they retain their form throughout time. Non-Degradable wastes are hazardous whereas degradable wastes are good for the environment.

Waste management is the proper management of wastes so that they do not harm the people or the environment around them. It is the process of reducing them to a simpler and non-harmful compound.

The processes include burning, or treating them with filters or burying them in a place so that they do not lie exposed to the outside atmosphere. Some wastes are more dangerous and fatal like radioactive waste. These wastes if exposed to normal public can damage humans to such an extent that it goes beyond recovery.

It can damage human life. Hence the nuclear waste has to take proper care of. The nuclear waste is dumped in a concrete pit deep down under the surface of the earth. The area is evacuated and nobody is allowed to access that place. The concrete pit has thick walls and is sealed after the dumping is over.

Then it is covered with mud. But this process is not a very reliable process. How many more holes will you dig? How many people will stop from accessing that place? The radioactive waste takes millions of years to become fully safe.

Degradable wastes need another type of treatment. They are not harmful, in fact they can be reused to help us. The kitchen waste or the peelings of fruits can vegetables can be deposited in a compost pit. Compost pit is very easy to make and can be made in almost every household.

The waste can be left to decompose in the compost pit. Once decomposed it can taken out to be used as manure. It is actually better than the artificial fertilizers. They contain harmful chemicals. This type of organic manure is not harmful but still does its work.

Other wastes like the fecal matter can be dumped in a gobar gas chamber. There within a few days it will generate the gobar gas. Gobar gas can be used to lit up the ovens in kitchen.

So what is this all? These are actually reusing our own wastes in a healthy way. Why not do this when we have all the sources available? Why dirty the face of the earth with all our litter?

Non- biodegradable waste has to be treated carefully. Things such as glass bottles, circuits boards, medicine leaflets can be sold off to ‘kabadi walas’.

They are the ones who take such reusable items and pay you money. These people then take these items to factories where they are reused. Reusing is another form of waste management. It is actually reducing the amount of waste generated.

So many tons of wastes are generated everyday by the millions of cities all around. Waste production has to seriously monitored. If not done with care there can be a day when we will be submerged in our own waste.

Hence it is high time to sit up and clean all the litter from the face of the earth. Why generate such a thing which is polluting us?

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