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Good morning bosses and greetings to all my fellow colleagues present here. Today we have gathered here for one reason- to bid me a farewell, as I will be leaving this company soon, with a heavy heart. I am glad that you all scooped out a little bit of time from your busy schedule for me.

It really means a lot to me. Today instead of giving a long boring speech, I am going to share my memories in this office, some of the beautiful moments that I gained while working for 19 years in this office. But before that I want to beg you of your co-operation while I am presenting my speech.  

Honorable Mr. Chakravarty, Respected Mrs. Aggarwal, Mr. Chairman, our most valued invited guests, ladies and gentlemen! It’s my privilege to have been asked to propose a vote of thanks on this occasion. 

I, on behalf of The Star Enterprises, and the entire other supporting/sponsoring organization, team, crew, even special guests in the audience let me call it fraternity of Brainiac who are here together, and on my own behalf extend a very hearty vote of thanks to all speakers for gracing your important work and sharing with us your findings and opinions today! 

My first introduction to this office was as a temporary intern. I joined here as a summer intern. The moment I joined here, I liked the work environment so much so that I decided to join back here permanently once I pass out from my college. That time my boss Mr. Steve and peers were all quite happy with my work. I had mixed well with my co-workers too. 

After getting my graduation degree, I headed straight here. Since I had already made some name during my internship days, I didn’t find much difficulty in getting a job here. I still remember the very first day of my job. I was nervous. Just like everyone is, on their first day of job. 

But our head of the team Mr. Chakravarty calmed me down. He said there is nothing to worry. Just stay cool. Everyone working here are humans only. Then I preceded my job. And from day one I have been liking it.  

There was a time when during presentation I presented the wrong slide. It was a major mistake. But surprisingly my boss laughed it off. Told me that he also did the same mistake in his early days. I was not expecting that sort of reaction. It actually helped to overcome my embarrassment. 

Another occasion happened when I slept during a meeting. You know how office meetings are right? Long and boring. I slept off during one such meeting and one of my colleague sujoy woke me up thrice. But anyhow I fell asleep again. This is what happens when you keep awake till late night.

Vote of Thanks Speech

But the third time I was caught sleeping. What a boom of voice I heard from the same person Mr. Chakravarty. That was the first time when I heard him roaring at me just like a typical boss would. That was a big lesson for me. After that day I didn’t sleep in any of the office meetings. I tried to keep my performance at the best. 

Recently I was offered a job in Dubai.  And due to certain reasons, I felt that it will be a great opportunity to explore new things there and to grow as an individual so, I decided to take that job. I will be shifting there with my family there soon.  

It is sad that now I have to leave this office.  Truly speaking I myself don’t want to leave this office and the wonderful people here. So many memories are attached to this place. Wish I had some other option but to stay here. 

I want to thank my boss Mr. Chakravarthy for supporting me throughout this journey. Many thanks to all my colleagues who provided me with constant love and attention.

They had the solution to almost every topic which helped me a lot. Thanks to all my juniors who have also helped me to rectify my mistakes which might have gone unnoticed unless pointed out. Thank you everyone for maintaining such a healthy work environment.

Thank you all the 3rd grade staff for keeping the office clean and toilets clean so that we can work peacefully without hindrance. You people played a major role in maintaining our hygiene.

Thank you goes out to all the security guards who spend their lives seeing with their ever watchful eyes. It is for them that we feel so secure in this building. Last but not the least a big round of applause for all you people. 

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