Essay on Visit to An Exhibition for Children (200 words)

December 20, 2017 0 Comment

Last year, there was an exhibition in town and my friends and I decided to visit it. When we entered the grounds, we were excited by the entire atmosphere.

Everywhere, there were sign boards decorated with bright lights advertising all kinds of goods from cloth household items, various kinds of gadgets, toys and games.

And the crowds – everywhere there were people moving from one stall to another, bargaining for the best price for things they wanted.

Our eyes were drawn to the food stalls where we could see all kinds of mouth-watering dishes on display. Not interested in the goods for sale, we made our way to the food stalls.

Spicy chaat, fruit salads, pizzas and pasta, all kinds of roasted stuff- we didn’t know where to start and what to eat

We were yet to savour the best- the various rides that were, for us youngsters, the main attraction. The giant wheel and merry-go-round, roller coasters, dodge cars, the tunnel of horrors – we rode on every one of them, laughing and shouting with sheer enjoyment.

By then, it was quite late and we headed home, happy and satisfied after an extremely delightful evening

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