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Location14.05830 N, 108.27720 E
Map of Vietnam Map of Vietnam
Flag Vietnam flag
Area332,698 km²
Coastline2025 miles
Neighboring CountriesCambodia




Hong Kong











Christmas Island



Sri Lanka

South Korea

Cocos (Keeling) Islands


North Korea


Northern Mariana Islands

Time Zone(UTC +7)
Population95.48 million (2017)
Symbol Vietnam symbol
Independence DaySeptember 2nd, 1945
President of VietnamTran Dai Quang
Prime Minister of VietnamNyugen Xuan Phuc
National Anthem‘’Tien Quan Ca (Army March)’’
Motto‘’Doc lap – Tu do – Hanh Phuc (Independence – Freedom – Happiness)’’
National AnimalWater Buffalo
National TreeBamboo Tree
National FlowerLotus
National DrinkGreen Tea
National PoetNguyen Du
National SportSoccer
National DanceTraditional Vietnamese Dance
National LanguageVietnamese
Seasons in VietnamSummer Season

Winter Season

Prestigious Awards of VietnamMilitary Awards – Military Merit Medal, Military Exploit Order, Bravery Order

Gallantry Awards – Air Gallantry Cross, Navy Gallantry Cross, Gallantry Cross

Literature Awards – Ho Chi Minh Prize

Cinema Award – Silver Kite Awards

Religion in VietnamVietnamese Folk Religion (73.2%)

Buddhism (12.2%)

Catholicism (6.8%)

Caodaism (4.8%)

Protestantism (1.5%)

Hoahaoism (1.4%)

Others (0.1%)

Average Marriage age in Vietnam26.2 years for men and 22.8 years for women
CapitalHanoi (210 2’N 105051’E)
Number of Provinces58 Provinces
Largest Province in VietnamHo Chi Minh City
Smallest Province in VietnamBac Kan Province
Number of Cities32 Cities
Largest City in VietnamHo Chi Minh City
Literacy rate94.5% (males)

96.3% (females)

Type of GovernmentUnitary State

Communist State

Socialist State

One-party State

GDPPPP – $648.243 billion (2017)

Nominal – $215.829 billion (2017)

GDP per capita$6,925 (2017)
Currencyđồng (₫) (VND)
Calling Code +84
ISO 3166 codeVN
Festivals of VietnamTet Festival

Lim Festival

Hung Temple Festival

Whale Festival

Tet Trung Thu

Oc Om Boc Festival

Historic MonumentsThien Mu Pagoda

Imperial City

Japanese Covered Bridge

Complex of hue Monume

Temple of the Jade Mountain

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tomb of Minh Mang

Tomb of Tu Duc

Khai Dinh Emperor Tomb

One Pillar Pagoda

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Celestial Lady Temple

Hanoi Opera House

Protected Areas in Vietnam10 National Parks

53 Nature Reserves

21 Landscape Protected Areas

Longest River in VietnamMekong River
Longest Bridge in VietnamCan Tho Bridge
Longest Railway StationSaigon Railway Station
Longest Beach in VietnamTra Co Beach
Largest LakeBa Be Lake
Largest IslandPhu Quoc Island
Highest Mountain in VietnamFansipan
Biggest Dam in VietnamHoa Binh Dam
Biggest Waterfall in VietnamUnchalli Falls
Tallest Building in VietnamKeangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower
Richest person of VietnamPham Nhat Vuong
Best places to visit in VietnamHa Long Bay


Hoi An



Nha Trang

Mekong Delta

Ho Chi Minh City

My Son


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