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Vegetables constitute a major part of our diet. There are some parts of the plant which are consumed by humans for their daily nutrition. The definition of vegetable is still unclear.

This is because it is defined by the culture and tradition which flows down the generations. When we talk about the vegetables we normally do not include the category of fruits, cereals, nuts, and pulses.  

The origin of vegetable is still a matter of fascination. The primal man hunted animals and gathered fruits to sustain his hunger needs. But by some miracle a vegetable seed was sown due to the forces of nature. And when the humans noticed it they came to know that they could also cultivate the land for production of fruits and vegetables.

According to the evidences, the cultivation of vegetables started from 1000 BC to 7000 BC. And is when agriculture started developing. As time passed trade grew.

vegetables essayThis resulted in merchants bringing exotic crops from other parts of the world. Gradually the import and export between different countries increased. Trade flourished and reached all and affordability of vegetables increased.  

At this point of time, China is the largest producer of vegetables. China exports a large no. of vegetables to other countries. India is the second largest producer in vegetables but it doesn’t export a large no. of vegetables because the vegetables produced are consumed within the country itself.  

Vegetables are a very important constituent of our diet. Without vegetables no meal is complete. Vegetables can be cooked to provide a nutrition full meal. It can be eaten with breads like naan, roti, puri, and bedmi. It can also be eaten with rice.

Some vegetables can be consumed raw, in a salad while some need to be cooked before consumption. Vegetables grow on different parts of trees. For e.g. Onion, reddish and carrot grow in the roots of plants and vegetables like spinach are the leaves of a plant. The cauliflower is obtained from the flower of a tree. Vegetables like gourd, bitter gourd are grown on grapevine like structures.   

Thus we see that we have a lot of variety in vegetables. We should concentrate on the consuming portions of vegetables. This provides the body adequate nutrients for its functioning since different vegetables provide the body with different kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Also consumption is a must especially for children who are in their growing stage. Parents should make sure that the children consume a nutrient rich diet and less of junk food. This will make their body strong and will help in the development of their brains and bodies.

Also vegetables increase the immunity of children towards countering diseases. At an early age, they are especially vulnerable to diseases. But the right amount of nutrition helps to fight diseases.  

The advantages of consuming vegetables are many. First of all, vegetables help in weight management. Vegetables like potato and cauliflower can help you to gain weight. While vegetables like spinach and green vegetables can help immensely in weight reduction.

From time immemorial, our elders have promoted the consumption of green vegetables. This is because of the fact that green vegetables have a lot of iron in it. They help in the development of bones and muscles. It is actually good for us to consume vegetables at regular intervals so as to protect our body from any diseases.

Vegetables can help your body to fight against some particular type of cancers. Also a healthy intake of vegetables helps to burn the layers of fat in our body this ultimately improves the blood flow and helps in managing the blood pressure of a person. Consumption of vegetables also keeps cholesterol in check.  

vegetables essayGym trainers and instructors highly recommend the intake of boiled vegetables for weight loss. Boiled vegetables don’t have any spices or oil in them which makes them even healthier to consume. They are rich in proteins. They provide the energy needed by body to run efficiently.

Also eating vegetables increases your life span by keeping you healthy, in general. Also their frequent intake ensures that we stay rejuvenated throughout the day and we don’t experience any drowsiness or nausea. Vegetables are the fuel to your well-being just like petrol is a fuel to a car.

Vegetables also contains a lot of fibers. Fiber is not a nutrient itself but it helps in the digestive system in our body. To lead a healthy life, one needs to make sure to intake the correct amount of iron or else, the consequences afterwards will be worse. Iron helps the body immensely in carrying out the daily chores.

Also anemia that means lack of hemoglobin in blood can also be cured through the right intake of vegetables. Nevertheless green vegetables also contain folic acid which works wonders on the health of pregnant women.  

Make sure to consume healthy and nutritious food which keeps you fit as a fiddle and satiates your body and soul in every way possible, in every way you have ever wanted. Life is short and every moment of it should be made worth living. What is a life without health? Nothing.

As we say, Health is wealth. You cannot enjoy moments in your life without maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should consume vegetables. Even in old days of your life, you will have a healthy and disease free life, thanking the temptations of junk food you did not give into. 

No we should also remember one thing. Vegetables are comparatively cheaper to non vegetarian sources of proteins. Although some trainers do recommend non-vegetarian food but doctors and dieticians worldwide have stuck on a unanimous opinion.

According to them, consumption of vegetables is the least source of protein. They say that there is no type of protein the non-vegetarian food can provide but vegetarian food cannot provide. Thus, we should all try to adopt a vegan lifestyle full of rich proteins, minerals and vitamins.    

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