Essay on Use of Electricity for Children and Students

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Can anyone ever imagine leading a life without electricity these days? Today, man is fully dependent upon machines, which run on electricity.  It influences agriculture, industries, communication and domestic activities.

Electricity has made communication quick, safe and cheap. Electric trains carry people from one place to another within a short time. Lifts run on electricity, and carry people to different floor in multi-storeyed buildings.

Telegraphs, computers, telephones, television, etc., are also electrical gadgets. They all need power from electricity.

Electricity has also influenced agriculture. Tube wells, which irrigate fields, are run on electricity. For storing agricultural products like potatoes, a pea etc. in cold storages, electricity is needed.

Industries are also totally dependent upon electricity. Every industry, whether it is paper industry or cement industry, needs huge amount of electricity.

Electricity is needed even for our daily work. It lights shops, offices, houses, streets, etc. It helps in cooking. Electric heater, oven, mixer-grinder, coffee-maker and various other items operate on electricity.

It is needed for washing clothes. The vacuum cleaners which work with the help of electricity, is used for cleaning our furniture, carpets, rooms, cars, etc. which are essential commodities of our life, run on electricity.

Electricity rules over our lives, but its supply is decreasing day by day. It is generated by water or coal etc., which are non-renewable resources. Therefore, it is necessary to save electricity

Other Aspect of Electricity

Electricity is essential for us; this need specially comes under primary sources of human being.  We usually generate electricity form the coal, wind mills, etc.

But nowadays the tradition has changed, and for generating electricity, nuclear plants are used, and this has effect our eco system.

Using Nuclear power plant is good, but it has adverse effect. So it can be said that, today we are used to Electricity. County like United States of America is totally depends upon electricity, If electricity is gone, then everything is stop.

There are many others countries who are usually depend upon electricity.

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