Unemployment Effects & Causes in India Essay

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Unemployment means a state of having no job. People need a job or work for money so that they could feed family and arrange stuffs for livelihood. Unemployment is a very serious problem in India. We must find a way to get rid from this serious problem it might be very dangerous for the development of our country.

Recent research says that India is youngest country in the world with there are lots of unemployment youth in the country. India is a developing country but it seems that along with development, unemployment is also increasing.

This is also the main reason for Brain Drain. People are going to other foreign countries in search of jobs and are paid very well there.

Unemployment in India

In our country unemployment is a common problem among many of the citizens of India. The problem of unemployment is becoming serious day by day. Population of our country is about 1.20 billion. In India most of the people are unemployed and it affects their livelihood.

Unemployment is rising very fast. Every person who is able to do the job should be employed. If the people of India unemployed then it is dangerous for the development of our country. The main problem of unemployment in India is the corruption which is increasing.

Many of the peoples in the country are jobless because they are not perfectly skilled their field. In India most of the people are unemployed are jobless. There are many machines invented show the person are using them for the easy and fast work.

Causes of unemployment

Lack of interest in studies, defective education system, large population afraid to take risk while commencing a new business, etc. are some of the causes of unemployment in India.

It is impossible to give employment to all therefore people should start their own business but they afraid to take risk, improper study does not improve their working skills, thus they remained and unskilled and unemployed. Unemployment also leads to some illegal activities for earning fast and easy money.

Detective Education System

The education of our our country is is defective so many persons are not well skilled in their field so they are jobless. They spend the money for the education but not getting the proper education and they don’t get job.

The student of our country are not self dependent the only learn the bookish language they don’t use their mind to try different.

Change in attitude needed

This is the main problem to be unemployed that the person fear to take the risk. And don’t want to commit their own business. They think that if in business they have loss. So they don’t start their own business. And they depend only on Government to get the Government job.

This is not possible to get job to all. But it can be solve up to some extent. They should be self dependent so the development of our country take place fast.

Population Growth

The population of our country increasing at a very fast pace. So it is impossible to give job to all. The educated people should have to aware the person of family planning and have to tell the importance of small family.

This will help the problem of unemployment. All should have minimum two children. The slogan should be spread that ‘We Two Our Two’.

Causes of Educated Unemployment in India

The main cause of the unemployment in India is that most of the people of our country are uneducated and they are not well skilled in their field. But some of the educated peoples are also unemployed and are searching for job for their livelihood.

In India there is lack of investment. Some of the people who are unemployed are committing suicide. If this problem persists, then it is dangerous for the development of India.

Lack of Industrial and Technical training

 No doubt, in India there is lack of Technical and industrial training. In our country there is lesser number of technical and engineering institutions.

Apart from that the technical education are very expensive, so the middle class family cannot afford it. In our country there are less technically skilled people or you can say that people don’t have practical knowledge which is the main part in foreign universities.

Solution and Conclusion

In our country the educated people should have to aware the people about the family planning show the population of our country can be controlled.

People should be given vocational training so that they can earn to meet their both hands. Our Prime Minister has started a program related to skilled Bharat. It’s a very good step. So this problem can decrease.

Government should also have to help others by easy way so the person should get job in the field in which he or she is well skilled and focusing more on vocational training.

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