Essay on Trust Yourself To Get Success : Expansion, Meaning

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Success is a seven letter word which has got different meanings for different people but one thing which takes everyone to it is the belief; the belief in one’s self , in his efforts and his thoughts. Even a mountain can be moved if a person has such a belief, and without it not even a pebble can be moved.

The trust of a person on his own ability, skills and his own self has a very pivotal role to play in what a person does and ultimately what he achieves in his life.

Our history has ample examples which clearly shows that trust on oneself has helped to achieve the goals which seemed impossible to others.

The Indian Freedom struggle, the sacrifices of the leaders clearly shows their firm belief in their goals and ambitions which empowered them to take stern steps towards the British rule and set the country free.

If a person trust himself/herself even the failure is not able to deviate him/her from the path and ultimately he/she is able to achieve success in whatever he does. The trust of a person in his own ability helps him/her to develop further qualities and emerge as a stronger person.

Trust in oneself helps to develop will to work harder, determination and perseverance to fight against all odds of life. It provides the courage and patience to face the hurdles and rise in the opposite waves in life. It does not allow you to quit even at the time when leaving seems to be an only option.

A beautiful quote by Thomas A. Edison says; “Many of Life’s Failure are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” It shows how the trust of a person bridges the gap between failure and success in life.

At times, a person faces such situations in life when the whole world seems to be against him/her or his/her aspirations; he/ she may feel despaired and not willing to move further. But for a person who has a strong belief in his own self and his abilities it is just an impetus to prove everyone else wrong and achieve his dreams.

One major aspect experienced by every person in his/her life is that every other person believes in one who himself/herself trust oneself. No other person will be willing to provide an opportunity to such a person who is not able to trust his/herself and doubts his own talents.

A classic example to showcase the power of trusting oneself is the life of our Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam belonged to a very poor family and had to work to support his studies; but his firm belief in himself and his dreams led him to the path of success and he became a successful scientist, a great teacher and adorned the Most Prestigious position of the country.

He has become a role model for most of the people. His life aptly displays how the hard work and belief of a person pays off.

Trusting oneself provides the confidence to face the difficulties and makes one more responsible for his/her own decisions. Even if a person fails in his/her pursuits initially, it pushes him/her stand up again and face the situation with more vigour.

A person who can trust himself before trusting others will never find himself alone and will always have the courage to accept his mistakes. He will not be complacent for the destiny or luck not favouring him/her rather he will be willing to work harder and build his own destiny.

A famous saying also goes “Destiny favours the brave” and a person with self-belief is brave enough to work on his destiny.

Self-belief is a very important trait of a person as it lays the foundation of self-esteem. A person can claim to have self-esteem but if he/she is not able to trust his own self; he/she will not be able realize its importance and always confuse it with arrogance.

Belief in oneself keeps a person miles away from arrogance. It makes a person willing to make efforts and a person knows the worth of hard work and efforts emerges out to be a mild person always ready to help others. A single positive quality of believing oneself becomes the root cause of many other qualities which helps a person to grow.

It develops optimistic attitude and helps to ward away the pessimistic thoughts and enables a person to DREAM…To think bigger and ACHIEVE what they desire. As soon as a person learns to believe himself and his decisions and is ready to stand by them he is able to witness the change in his own self, his surroundings, his opportunities and everything around him.

The change in a single person’s vision about his own self has the power to change every aspect around him. It develops a person into a better being while the lack of self-belief has the power to destroy the lives of concerned person and also others related to him/her.

We can say that trusting yourself is one of the most critical factor for success in career, work or any other area where a person desires to achieve something. It can be regarded as the stepping stone to all other qualities which a person needs to succeed in life.

It can be said that even wars can be won if the belief exists and nothing can be done if a person has the whole world with him but lacks the belief in his own self. Everyone stands with only such a person who can show the world that he/she can do it; and this attitude to do anything requires SELF BELIEF.

To conclude, I would like to quote an inspiring thought of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with a hope of nurturing the quality of self-belief in everyone. Dr. Kalam said:

“Start your Day by speaking 5 Lines to yourself – this will motivate your full day and keep you energetic.

I am the best.

I can do it.

God is always with me.

I am a winner.

Today is my day. “

I hope that this helps everyone to realize the importance of self-belief and imbibe this quality in themselves to excel in life.

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