Essay on True Friend for Children

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While friendship is a boon, a true friend is a blessing of God. A true friend is always with you in need. He shares your joy as well as sorrow.

It’s but natural for anyone to have many friends, but a true friend is only one. He is sincere and honest and is ever ready to take risk for your welfare. He can make sacrifices for you. Whenever you are in need, he provides you with financial as well as moral support.

In everybody’s life, there are certain secrets which a man cannot tell anyone except his friends. Therefore, everybody needs dependable friends. Friends, who are selfish, remain with you only during your prosperous days.

They share your prosperity and joy. But when you need them for help, they desert you. Such persons are not interested in your welfare. You should never bother about such friends.

You can’t expect a friend to be loyal to you, if you are not faithful to him. So, there should be mutual understanding and selfless approach between friends.

A true friend is always truthful and gives you right advice. He doesn’t make false promises to please you. He remains with you in your bad days, and is always interested in your welfare and well-being.

But a loyal friend is our Best friend forever. He will not give any bad advice throughout the life, if he is your best buddy.

Whether situation is in your favour or not, he will definitely stand by you. Friendship is really a gift of god, one who takes seriously the life becomes easy and enjoying.

When we are upset then our friends are only, that make us smile, encourage us. A true friend is the individual who know our secrets and he /she never reveal that secrets to other.


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