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We all have lived our childhood by running and playing around trees, watching the beautiful flowers bloom on long branches, collected different sized leaves from various trees, peeped from the window to catch a glimpse of the twittering birds etc.

If we go down the memory lane a few years ago, we would find that the environment around us was much greener than what it is today.

We had green belts on either sides of the road; we had trees lining up on the other end of the green belt on the road. Today, these green spaces are made way for road widening activities to accommodate the huge rush of vehicles on the road.

If we find green spaces anywhere in cities today, it is only at the handful of gardens and parks that have remained unexploited by unreasonable human tasks.

So the future generations are very unlucky since we are providing them with very less green spaces and they only have to identify the beauty of nature’s greenery by reading through old chronicles and encyclopedias.

If we visit any major metro city in our country today, we will find big roads jam packed with vehicles during the rush hour. No wonder the number of flyovers that exist in the name of urbanization have contributed very little to overcome traffic bottlenecks.

Soon, we could anticipate another sky walk or road under bridge coming up in the same adjacent area where the flyover is situated, to ease walking movement of pedestrians.

So, any new and major construction directly means bringing down trees to create spaces for these landmark constructions that have beautified our cities of late.

No wonder we live in an environment fondly called the ‘concrete jungle’ where all the green spaces are gobbled up by huge high rise buildings and palatial mansions that have very less regard for trees and bring them down mercilessly to make very for luxurious, comfortable living.

Little do we realize how adversely nature is affected by such irresponsible human behavior and what effects they have on nature and in what form they will present a problem to us in the future?

Deforestation and its effects on the Environment

Let us first begin by trying to know the effects of deforestation. Deforestation is cutting down of trees for commercial exploitation and for making spaces for construction and other purposes.

Deforestation presents a hazard by creating an imbalance of the natural delicate balance nature has withheld in itself for ages till now.

It shakes the very bottom line of endurance and support systems created by nature to man and the converse points are, directly or indirectly, the destructor and the victim of the destruction, both are human beings itself.


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Deforestation is nothing but bringing down trees and converting forest land into commercial usable lands. Forest lands are being converted into sites and sold out for establishments at premium prices and thus we can see a lot of the forest belt has come to a deteriorating level in the recent years.

Due to deforestation, soil loses its water holding capacity, becomes loosely held and unfit for cultivation. The binding agents of the soil get eroded when there is no tree cover to hold them firmly in the ground. Thus soil along with the most essential nutrients found in the uppermost layers of the soil gets eroded and the land turns totally barren.

So, cultivation in that part of the land decreases drastically and amounts to poor production. Gradually the soil becomes so unfit that the whole region turns into a dry, arid zone unfit for any kind of cultivation or for other occupations.

Significance of Tree Donation

We spend money on a whole lot of things. We buy endless money shopping for our favorite things in the market. It’s time we think a little about our fellow beings on this earth, especially trees since most of them are usually cut down and brought down to earth and we rarely take an effort to re plant them again.

If we cannot spare time for re-planting a tree, there are other means through which we can volunteer ourselves in the act of growing more trees.

Let us first see why we need trees around us. Don’t we all need fresh air in our surroundings? We need air to breathe, to carry out the process of respiration and generate energy for the body.

Plants carry out photosynthesis and generate food. Oxygen is thus a very essential part of our daily activities and these huge lump sum hordes of oxygen are not got by plucking from the atmosphere.

tree donation

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It is got by trees and plants around us; they supply the necessary oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis activity and release plenty of oxygen to the atmosphere.

Carbon didoxide that we exhale is also removed by plants, as plants and trees need carbon dioxide and sunlight to prepare food in the act of photosynthesis, thus releasing oxygen as a byproduct.

Trees provide us shelter, they gives us fruits and flowers in plenty. Ornamental plants provide decorative attractions; medicinal trees are a true gift of nature. The bark of trees is used for preparing spices, etc. There are a whole lot of reasons why one should protect trees and save the greenery in our environment.

If we are confused about how to begin with the first step and don’t know where to start, tree donation is the answer. Donating funds to an organization involved in growing trees can lend us support in bringing up more trees in our localities.

Tree Donation in the form of Gifts

So what exactly happens when we say tree donation is, if we wish to grow more trees in our neighborhood but are unable to zero in on the resources required, unable to allocate time to do the needful, then here comes another way to offer support to us.

We can contribute in terms of money to help the organization increase the green cover by growing more trees. In other words, we are contributing to them in terms of money, they have all the resources required to grow trees and when we offer financial support, they do the most needful act of growing and developing a tree.

There are various nonprofit organizations working for the cause of growing more trees in order to save mother earth and restore her lost greenery back.

Tree donation as a gift

(Tree Donation, Greeting card)

So they have enough of pooled in resources in terms of manpower, tools required to plant trees, water resources, soil, manure, protection for the newly planted tree etc. Good care after planting a tree is equally important. So the maintenance aspect again requires lot of monetary support from people.

If we are having a marriage in the family on cards and are deciding to buy gifts to the whole family, we can think of this as an opportunity to give back to Mother Nature and offer gifts in a different manner.

We can plan gifts on birthdays and anniversaries in a unique way too. Instead of buying expensive clothes and jewellery for the occasions, we can contribute the same amount as a gift towards the cause of planting more trees.

If we bring about a change in the direction of conserving greenery and nature around us, we ourselves are going to benefit in the long run.

Tree Donation as a Fond Memory

We all love children isn’t it? Why not love the plants and trees around us in a similar manner? A unique concept of adoption of trees is doing the rounds and many social organizations and non-profit groups are coming up with this unique idea.

This is a smart way of adopting a tree of our choice and reaching out to its various needs and necessities again by pooling in money and contributing for its growth.

Suppose we intend to donate a certain amount of money to the growth of new trees and contribute by paying online to one of the social organizations, then we immediately get a response from their end for having carried out the needful act.

Suppose we want to go a step further and insist them on growing a tree or trees of our choice in our backyard, we are adopting them and nurturing them ourselves. Suppose we want the organization to grow that tree for us, it will certainly be a fond memory for us to reach out to that tree indirectly in terms of money.

We know that the organization is taking care of the tree, which is a type of our choice; maintenance is carried out by them to nurture the tree, etc.

We are only providing them funds to help them nurture the tree and help it grow bigger. Thus the tree becomes a part of our sweet memory.

How Tree Donation impacts future lives

These days, everybody has resources to fund; they have money to give for charity but not the time to spend on an activity due to hectic schedules.

We ought to spend our leisure time creatively and bring in the younger generation into the roles of nature saviors by teaching them and educating the lot about nature conservation and tree plantation programs.

IF we carry out these responsibilities on our shoulders, the future generation will be keen on taking forward our tasks to the next level and they would plan a course of nature conservation and dissuade against being rebellious about cutting down trees, deforestation etc.

Tree Donation Programs & Campaigns

We can take part in many campaigns posted on social media regarding tree saving initiatives and can be a part of a larger group that intends to save trees and protest against people who plan to bring down trees to raise their establishments.

It’s totally in our hands to contribute at least a bit towards saving our trees, either in cash or in kind.

Non-Profit Organizations to the rescue

If we find a tree being cut down mercilessly, we can contact tree helplines set up by social groups. It’s also interesting to know the role played by government in setting up separate help lines and websites that offer correct and precise information if one wants to work towards a green environment.

We have to take up these initiatives voluntarily else our future generation will only see trees in books and movies, in research articles and will not find their practical existence anywhere at all.

Non-profit Tree planting organizations

Arbor Day Foundation
Trees for the Future
National Forest Foundation
Eden Reforestation Projects
Plant with Purpose
Tree Canada
Jewish National Fund
Casey Trees
The Greening of Detroit

Our Social Responsibilities

All of us have responsibilities on our shoulders. Responsibilities to look after our families earn for them, provide a good education to them, etc. our social responsibility is equally important and helps build a citizen profile towards creating a clean and green future.

We have to take up causes meant to protect the environment and save it for our future generations. A tree that is planted today as a sapling and nurtured with proper care becomes a big tree tomorrow providing numerous benefits to lots of creatures in and around it.

We can also plant saplings in our back yard and see the greenery glow into a fruitful garden in no time.

Donating for a tree should become part of our responsibility, to provide funds for growth of trees, to take care of them, to nurture them properly and protest against any tree being felled down for selfish man made reasons.

List of Website & cost of single tree Plantation 

One Tree Planted 1 tree, 1 dollar (70 Rupees)
Trees for Cities 1 tree, £1 (80 Rupees)
Plant a Billion Trees1 tree, 1 dollar (70 Rupees)
Sprouting India1 tree, 1 dollar (70 Rupees)
SankalpTaru1 tree, (151 Rupees) cost depends on which tree you select for plantation
Grow-Trees1 tree, (85  Rupees)
SayTrees1 tree, 1 dollar (70 Rupees)
WePlantPlant 20 Fruit trees for 2000 Rupees
Save GreenPlant a tree for just 500 Rupees
Trees1 tree, 1 dollar (70 Rupees)
National Forest Foundation25 dollars (to support forest)
World Land Trust1 tree, £1 (80 Rupees)
Woodland Trust£15 (To Save Rainforest)
Earth Day Network1 tree, 1 dollar (70 Rupees)

The above list is incomplete, there are many organization and individual person, who are taking initiative to save the environment for future.

The cost may varies of each and every individual or organisation, but the motto is same of everybody.

Kindly note down, Each & Every Penny Counts !!  So Let stand together and help this individuals in our own way.  

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