Speech on Travel and Tourism for Children and Students

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To experience the unknown and to see the unseen has been the natural Instinct of mankind. With this I begin to that which has huge relevance to the topic I am going to talk about. A very good morning to everyone present here. Today I am going to deliver a speech on travel and tourism.

Travel and tourism comes from the natural wandering habit of men. Since the dawn of humanity when men existed in primitive form, we have been roaming from one place to another in search of a better environment to survive and to sustain life.

Therefore, our genes need to feel good and search for better surroundings leaving the old ones. This wondering habit of us has given rise to our want for travelling and seeing and exploring new places. We tend to feel good in a change atmosphere where everything is unfamiliar and we have to find our own way.

The subject of travel and tourism is most relevant in today’s life. Wining the competition for success we have become so involved in our work places that we sell them the time for doing something out of the ordinary. We get bored of our daily tiresome jobs but still carry on with it on a daily basis going through the motions and not feeling anything. Scientists say that the situation is almost similar to a marathon runner.

When a marathon runner starts the race, in the few initial laps he feels tired and pain in his muscles because of lactic acid buildup. But as time passes and he continues to run without giving up, the body starts neglecting the feeling of pain and he feels nothing at all.

This applies to our daily jobs for the mental agony at a point stop bothering us and we carry with our daily jobs. But slowly over time or efficiency to work definitely and we end up reaching that extreme mental state where either a person goes into depression or ends up becoming mentally unstable and volatile. Therefore, travel and tourism hold the position of extreme significance in our daily lives.

Travel and tourism also includes short distance long drive to longer distances transcending the borders of state and the boundaries of the oceans. The top tourist destinations for most people is usually either cold and hilly places or beach locations.

The people who enjoy hilly regions usually prefer a bit of adventure in the terrain of mountains and hills. Locations may include places from Kashmir to hill stations like Darjeeling or to foreign countries like Switzerland the Alps and so on.

On the other hand, there are people who prefer a laid-back destination when looking for a beach holiday. They might go nearby to the beaches in Goa or a bit further to islands like Maldives, Andaman and Nicobar Islands or even internationally famous beaches like the famous Bondi Beach in Australia. These people enjoy activities like bathing in the summer Sun, getting a natural tan, swimming in the clear sea water or even Surfing if situations allow.

Tourism not only provides for exchange of air for us but also generates livelihood for huge number of people who make the living because of the existence of a tourism industry.

Many local people take up jobs of guides who helped foreigners get familiar with the surroundings and take them to locations of importance in a specified geographical area which they know as good as the back of their hands. Tourism industry also generates revenue for the government and helps stock up the public exchequer.

Internationally famous locations like the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Gateway of India in Mumbai, the Victoria Memorial all the Indian Museum in Kolkata requires local people as well as foreigners to pay and entry fee in order to explore the monument or place.

Usually the charges paid by foreigners are exponentially higher than the ones paid by the regular local people and this is the main source of income for the government from these monuments. The funds raised are directed into the public exchequer and is used for various developmental works like the construction of roads and various other amenities for the Welfare of the people.

Although we must always be conscious while indulging in travelling and must never be alone while travelling and must be aware of all our surroundings and never trust unknown or strange people.

I would like to conclude saying that travel and tourism is an important aspect of our lives and old enormous significance in maintaining a sound and healthy society for the greater good of humanity as a whole. There are many dangers in this world and we should be extremely cautious and never be too careless in our endeavors and explorations.

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