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The famous quote time is money was first put forward by one of the founding fathers of the United Nations of America. He was the one to pioneer the statement. The statement justifies the essence of time. In simple words if we deconstruct the phrase, if we are able to manage time properly it would surely generate money for us.

Money here is not only referred to monetary benefits but also quality moments for the individuals themselves and also for their loved once. It is also true to state that if we lose money we can get it back but if we lose time we won’t be able to get it back however hard we try.

We can use the time otherwise planned efficiently to generate money. But the other way around is simply not possible. No human being, be it the mightiest and the wealthiest won’t be able to buy the time. Time is priceless since the beginning of the life.

And those who are able to understand this universal truth are in the urban terms called the legends. And world is filled with examples and prove that if you use time as a tool you will soon be blessed with fortune. Let us understand why time management is important in everyday life, how different people are affected different and find the essence of time through a short popular fable. 

Why time management is necessary? 

It is a common misconception that time management takes a lot of time and hence one should not waste time on time management and planning. But this is absolutely false. Effective time management is not a waste of time rather is a tool that helps to generate more time.

If looking into this matter more deeply, if an individual is able to manage time effectively he or she will not be able to waste time on unproductive things.  

Let’s discuss about the benefits of an effective time managed planner. A planner which has task allotted along with a specified time slot the individual will not have to think what he or she has to do the particular day, because it has already been sorted out for the individual to execute.

Less time thinking about what to do meaning more work done. Person does not have to cram on the last moment in order to finish the task. This will also lead to reduced and deteriorated health. And that can also lead to more work once the individual is recovered.

Many successful people are living examples of why effective time management is an extraordinary tool. They claim that it helps them to get more work done. They are even able to spend quality time with their loved once and they worry less because all the major chunk of their work has been sorted.

Taking a scenario from a conventional source. A person working for a company who does not understands the value of time and time management will face lot of problems both professionally and personally. He won’t be able to finish the task allotted to him in time which will make him stay up late and finish it.

His work load will be doubled by every second. Because of his inefficiency he shall not be promoted and will not be given a raise. He shall soon face depression and that can lead him to degrading health issues.

His personal life will be hampered because he won’t be able to devote time for the once he cares. And hence time which could have generated money will be no longer his fate.  

A similar situation can be explained in the case of students, especially young school student who are at their crucial point of their life. A student who utilizes his or her time in planning their schedule, would have to suffer less while facing the real world and then they might be able to get another opportunity.

Students who plan their schedule will have to think less in order to where to devote their time. They would be able to finish their projects in time, would have extra time in hand to study and gather more information, which shall generate their knowledge about the world outside.

That will help them in long run. Students who are not able to understand the essence of time will have to cram during the exams and have to stay up late to study that shall hamper their health and they won’t be able to perform very well during the exams.

Now here is a common fault that students make and that is sometimes they manage to clear the exams and that gives them confidence in waiting till the last moment to study.

This is an absolute mistake. They were able to clear their student life but that was just a temporary solution in real world where they have to finish the work in a certain period, there they cannot cram and leave everything to fate.  

I want to devote a special sections to the aspiring students that time management does not mean to study 24/7. But it means to carefully allot time for every task in their hand. That includes study, health, family and their own personal time. It should not be mistaken for being a slave.  

A Short Story

There is a popular fable about “a grasshopper and the ants”, which every child must remember  from their childhood which is an exemplary note on the essence of time and which explains why time is money and why it is a prime duty of every individual to value time.

If not motivated to value time for the sake of productiveness then for own goodwill and survival. Let’s freshen up the story. The story begins with a young grasshopper who loves to sing and dance. He used to dance and sing a lot during the days of summer. On the other the army of ants used their days in summer to collect grains and store them in their warehouse.

One day the grasshopper asked why the ants are not enjoying the beautiful rays of the summer and instead choosing to work hard. The queen of ants replied that after summer comes rain and then winter and they are collecting enough food for all the members of the ant family, so that they do not starve during the rainy days as well as winter. The grasshopper had a great laugh.

And so he mocked the ants whenever he saw them collecting food and working hard. But as it is said “this too shall pass” the days of summer came to an end soon came the monsoon. The rain began. It was a heavy downpour. The lake were flooding with water and there were no animals to be found anywhere.

The grasshopper was extremely hungry, he was tired as he could not find anything to eat and hence even became sick. He came to the threshold of the ants and asked them for food.

But the ant queen refused to help him. He begged but ant queen explained that she won’t give anything to him. But rather taunted him to go and sing and dance like he used to do during the summers.

The ants refused to help the grasshopper. Soon grasshopper went very sick and gradually succumbed to death. There are many points that one can extract from this short but wise fable.

We can see that if the grasshopper would have been proactive that is if he was able to foresee what could possibly happen in near future, he would have known that he might not be able to feed himself during the rainy days.

Second, if he was able to understand the meaning behind the hard work of the ants and learnt something from them, he could have collected food supplies for himself.

Last, if he realized the essence of time and realized that once he had wasted his time he won’t be able to beg and bring back the lost time however hard he may try.

If he had not wasted his entire day only merry making he would have been able to survive the adversity. Only thing he had to do was devote some amount of his time of the day to fore think and work accordingly, if he had done that he would have been alive and well and would have been able again sing and dance in the next summer. He would have been fortunate enough to survive to witness the next summer.   

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