Time and Tide Waits for no Man Essay for Children & Students

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“The trouble is…you think you have time”

Time is an Entity. Entity which rules our lives, binds us in discipline, maintains it through a schedule and also gives purpose to our life. Without time there would be no purpose of the work we do every day. How? Let us find out:-

After birth a baby is subjected to the cycles of time for it to grow up. Then children are sent to school. Reaching school on time, completing syllabus on time, giving exams on time, submitting articles as interns on time etc are some hurdles that the child goes through in student life.

Shifting our view to the office culture, we find employees working day-night to meet deadlines, bosses demanding results on time, establishments striving hard to meet customer demands on time

At home, there is a specific time to eat lunch, dinner etc together with family, there is a time when the members come back home from school/office, even there is a regular time set to wake up or to go to bed.

Hence, we can see that our lives are bound by time. Time is an intrinsic part of nature. The rotation and revolution of earth is also dependent on time.

Therefore, we should respect time and make use of it’s to its utmost value while it is still in our hands. Yes! Time is in our hands. Do you know that there is even something called speed of time? No, it can’t be measured but yes, it can be felt. Doubts?

Well, like for example for a person spending happy moment’s time just flies by. A day at an amusement park- you probably won’t feel when time went by. But for a person going through bad times, time doesn’t seem to pass. Think of a criminal waiting for execution. For him each and every tick of second will feel like hours.

Going back to our title “time and tide waits for no man”. Very rightly said. Tide in sea has its own pattern, you can’t start it. You can’t stop it. It will come and go in its own pattern. Hence we should make maximum use of it while it there.

Same goes with time, make use when it’s there, because once gone you cannot get it back. It waits for no man, how big or small him maybe. Be it a police officer, a politician, a criminal, or a student; it’s the same for all.

So what happens if doesn’t make proper use of time? Is it that fatal? What happens if we just procrastinate our work, our responsibilities? What happens if we don’t meet our deadlines? Rather just shift them to a later date?

We all have some experience with online shopping right? How eagerly we wait do we wait for our orders to reach our doorsteps. And how irritated do we feel if the delivery gets delayed?

Now is the age of smart phones, apps and a whole new captivating virtual world. Suppose you are trying to send message to someone at a time of emergency. You send the text and your phones deny it saying the message can’t be sent now and it will be sent at later time. How do you feel then?

Yes, exactly that is the feeling others get if we fail to do our responsibilities in time. Not only that, if we don’t do what is needed at that moment we will have to face its consequences. And sometimes these consequences can be catastrophic.

Let me explain the above quoted sentences with a few examples. For a student, if he/she doesn’t complete his studies on time, his work assignments projects on time, then he/she might score poorly in the examinations. Which might further affect on the job prospects of that person? Since now it’s a rat race life. You stay in the competition you live. Hence poor academics may result in rejection at good job opportunities.

Physical fitness is a key to healthy life. We won’t know the pain of an unfit body unless we experience it ourselves. A small wound or pain in our body, however small it may be, must be treated immediately. Otherwise it left untreated we don’t know what it might develop into. Cancer when treated in its stage I, a person has more chances to survive than when it is in stage-V.

Usually people neglect the small physical problems they have. These might develop into gruesome and fatal diseases later on, which will require more time and money to heal. Heard of the quote “a stitch in time saves nine”?

Hence, through all this we can see how time plays a major role in our lives. We are bound to each other through time. Also there is right time to do every action. Some things if done before time may give disappointing results.

A baby born before its due course in its mother’s womb is called a premature baby. Premature baby is deficit in all ways. It’s really hard for such a baby to survive. Chances of its living normally is mere a minimum. But now with technological advancements such misfortunes could be overcome.

“We must work with time, not against it”–urusula k.le Guin.

a film leaked out in social media before its release date brings trouble not only the makers, sales go down, tickets prices drop, movie theaters suffer a loss. Hence we can see any action done before time also has its side effects.

Thus, we have to follow a kind of ‘give and take’ policy. Respect time and time will respect you. Cheat on it and it will strike you back with a blow so hard that it will be difficult for you to stand.

“Time is free, but it’s priceless, you can’t own it but you can use it, you can’t keep it but you can spend it, but once you have lost you can never get it back”.

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