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When this question is asked to someone, the general answer most will give is their parents. When I first came across this question, I was a bit startled when I realized that my answer is not similar to most of the people. So, I paused for a bit and thought about my answer and then realized that yes, it is true.

The person I like the most is my best friend. In fact, along with like, I admire my best friend. My best friend has been the constant pillar in my life that stayed with me till today through thick and thin. So, when I first realized that my answer is nowhere near like the others, I actually was surprised but there is no point in denying the truth after all if I can’t accept the truth about myself then I can never accept anyone else’s point of view.

So, here is the truth. My best friend after knowing this little fact will scream so loud that I am pretty sure everyone in our city will be able to hear it.

The question that why exactly I like my best fried the most arises almost instantly. The fact is there are so many reasons that I can’t possibly choose only one or two among them. However, I would list as many reasons as I can and will try to explain them too.

One of the reasons is that he is a good person. Everyone will think that as he is my best friend, I am saying this but the truth is that is not the fact at all. I admire him because he won’t hesitate to help anyone during their time of need. I can testify this as he had helped me so many times that I have lost count.

Whenever in whatever situation I needed help, he always helped. With him in my life I never felt alone. If I am sad then he will cheer me up or if I need someone to listen to me, he will be there and it doesn’t matter that it is 3 a.m. in the morning or midnight.

I remember one incident. I was upset about something my classmate said about me and when he found out, he came to my house with a bunch of chocolates to listen to me. He has been my constant rock in my life.

Another thing I like about him is his personality. He has an odd combination of childlike, goofy and serious personality. I till this date can’t figure out how he had all these personalities.

He sometime has a childlike ball of energy that likes to bug me with anything and everything and sometime he is the serious guy who needs me to mature a bit in life. When time comes, he even whacks my head if I am doing something wrong. He won’t hesitate to tell me to get my acts straight.

Most of the time he also acts like a retard kid who is high on sugar and sometimes I do worry that he is actually a retard. If he finds out I said this about him then he will simply say that it took me too long to figure this simple fact out.

He is also stubborn like a kid and also acts childishly sometimes. I personally think that he is a 10-year-old kid trapped in an adult’s body. He is sometimes too cute for his own good and rest of the time too stubborn to make me want to slap him (which I do by the way).

Another thing I admire about him is the way he handles a difficult situation with ease. When the situation arises, he steps up as a leader and handle the situation with absolute ease. He is a great leader and has no problem with leading.

He does not discriminate between his subordinates and treats everyone equally and divide the whole work among them with extreme precision. He respects people and knows to give compliment where it’s due and also won’t stop scolding someone if that person does not do the job given to him.

He is the kind of person that likes to take everyone along with him and reaches the goal together with everybody. He has all the qualities of a leader which I really admire about him. If he is determined to achieve a goal then he will do that along with everybody and won’t let anyone give up along the journey either. When a work is given to him, everyone knows that he will complete it with absolute precision.

He loves to protect everyone. He loves the people that are close to him and won’t tolerate anyone hurting those persons. He is protective even about his friends.

He is also supportive. He will encourage me to try out new things as without trying out different things I cannot say that I don’t like them. When I will try out new stuff (doesn’t matter how small or big the thing is), he will be there beside me on every step of the way and I don’t have the fear that he will leave me in the middle of the road.

He has so many qualities that I haven’t listed here. He is an amazing person and I like him as a person. Even if he weren’t my best friend, I still would have admired him because people, who spend a few minutes with him, cannot help but admire him. As his best friend I am proud to have him in my life.

He is a great person and his parents are immensely proud of him. If there were people more like him in this world, then it would have been really great as there would have been more people who are willing to help a stranger in their time of need. He has many admirable qualities and here I have listed very few of them.

I am glad that he is there in my life and I am sure that he will always be there in my life. He is not the kind of person who will leave. He is the kind of person than sticks with people like a creeper clings to a tree. It is safe to say that I have a best friend who I like and admire and who will always be there with me through thick and thin. I’m proud to be his friend.

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