Speech on Terrorism for Children

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Good morning respected Principal, teachers and all my fellow mates. 

My name is Prajwal and I’m here to present a speech on “terrorism”. It sounds like a peculiar topic for a speech in this setting. But my choice for this one is deliberate. We tend to kind of neglect one of the most grave problems of all times. Indeed, it is “terrorism”. 

Terrorism means “the deliberate commission of an act of violence to create an emotional response through the suffering of the victims in the furtherance of a political or social agenda.” In simpler words, terrorism means to advance one’s agenda using unlawful violence against people or property. 

You might start to think now, “What does it concern to me if other people are killing someone and other people are dying because of it. At least me and my family is safe and this thing isn’t affecting us in any way.” But my dear friends I want to draw a line of difference from this apathetic mind-set. Let’s think with a humane and compassionate view towards our fellow brothers and sisters. 

Remembering the 2014 Peshawar school massacre in Pakistan, it was a sheer display of inhuman behaviour. The sole purpose of the terrorists was nothing but to open fire and indiscriminately kill as many pupils as possible. Just imagine, 141 people dead in the course of just a few minutes and hours including 132 school children. Does it not anger you?

Does it not create compassion in you for the families of those deceased? How each parent must have sent their child happily to school on a regular working day thinking that the child will learn and get educated but instead they let them go in the most hellish spot that was an ambush of some terror group against Pakistan’s military offensive operation. They call such a brutal and cold-blooded act ‘revenge’. Shame be upon them and their leaders who call themselves masterminds and terror group leaders.  

The purpose behind illustrating just one incident among thousands and millions is to create empathy in your hearts. To feel what those who are suffering must have felt. To stand with them. 

What do you think could have inspired these terrorists to go for such a despicable and abominable act? 

These militants and terror groups kidnap and breed an army of such brainwashed puppets who act according to whatever they are told to do. 

‘Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see; Who have ears but do not hear. – Jeremiah 5:21 (Bible)  

They have minds but they cannot think. Such destructive and ungodly ideologies have been stuffed in their minds and thoughts that all they think of doing is bring death and destruction even if they die in the process. That death is not called martyrdom. It is called terrorism. 

Terrorism is not limited to other Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. Even in Africa we hear about Boko Haram taking hostage many villagers including children and women for their own selfish agenda. Terrorism is an ideology. Everything begins with a thought. 

Even in our country, many terror groups have entered and are operating. Many articles you can read on the web about various suspects being arrested from different locations. What is it all about? 

“If you turn a blind eye to the world now, history will turn a blind eye to you later. Ignoring an issue makes you a tacit supporter of it.”   ― Stewart Stafford 

While all this is going on around the world and within our own country, will you choose to close your eyes and pretend that everything is “okay”? My take on this issue is going to be different.

I encourage each one of you for promoting optimism, love, respect, tolerance and honour in the society we live in. Let us stand in the gap. It’s time to raise our voices together and spread awareness. 

Thank you. 

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