Terrorism in India Essay for Children

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Terrorism is a grave challenge to peace and tranquility for almost every country in the world. During the past few decades, we have seen terrorist attacks against the most advanced nations like United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Russia causing senseless loss of life and property apart from creating fear psychosis among general public.

The world leaders have now started realising that terrorism has no boundaries so there is need to fight this menace united.

Terrorism is an unlawful act of violence against unarmed public, govt or civil institutions with sole aim to create fear, confusion and unrest by killing or physically harming people.

Terrorists generally form underground or over ground groups with some political, social or religious ideology. These groups are funded directly or indirectly by vested interests and the funding is invariably through illegal means like drugs, smuggling, and hawala transactions.


The Al-Qaida terrorist organisation is operating worldwide to fight for Jihad. The infamous Twin Tower attack on World Trade Centre in USA in 11 September 2001 had killed 3000 innocent people. HAMAS is a Palestine group termed by Israel as terrorist group.

The recent ISIS i.e. Islamic State of Iraq    and Syria has caused serious concerns in the world especially in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of citizens of many countries   have been killed, injured or displaced. India is worst victim of cross border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir with active support from Pakistan.

The Mumbai serial bomb blast, terrorist attack on Taj Hotel, the Parliament attack, Akshar Dham Temple attack and attack on Pathankot Air Base are a few of many terrorist attacks on Indian soil.

The Maoists have created a red corridor starting from Nepal to Andhra Pradesh with aid from China. Similarly the North Eastern states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur are affected with insurgency and terrorism for many decades.

Factors leading to Terrorism

There are multiple objectives of terrorist outfits. The political aim of terrorist groups is to create a feeling of distrust among people against the ruling govt through violent means.

The Khalistan movement in Punjab in the past was aimed to create new state in which thousands of people were killed. Similarly the terrorist groups like LeT, Hizbul Mujahideen in J&K have similar aim. Another objective of these groups is to divide the society on religious and social beliefs.

There are many factors responsible for the rise of terrorism. Lack of development in some regions, unemployment, social alienation, mis-information, propaganda, indoctrination of youth by elements opposed to the govts are some of the factors because of which youth is driven to pick up arms.

In some cases like North Eastern states, militancy/terrorism has become a second career option. The tribal areas in states like Odisa, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Manipur, Nagaland and Andhra Pradesh are breeding ground for such elements.

The states located along international border are also an attractive area for countries hostile to a state. The terrorist groups in North East get their weapons and funds from countries like China with safe sanctuaries in Myanmar.  Similarly, all the groups operating in J&K get aid, training and funds from Pakistan and Gulf countries.

Therefore foreign support is also a major factor for rise of terrorism. The international terrorist groups like Al- Qaida, ISIS, HAMAS, Boko -Haram have both political as well as religious aims with funding from many countries.


There is a need to fight this evil of terrorism collectively by all countries of the world. Economic development of backward regions, equitable distribution resources,  employment opportunities,  timely  resolution of disputes, mutual discussion of outstanding issues, religious tolerance, respect for individual dignity are some of the measures which should be taken to ensure that the youth do not go astray.

Above all the entire world must unite against terrorism. Our schools/universities must design their curriculum to teach human values of universal brotherhood, tolerance, peace and respect for our fellow beings.


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