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Television is also called as “Idiot Box”. Don’t be surprise by looking alternative name for TV as Idiot Box. As we know this idiot box provides all lot of information. As we consider as a source of information.

The information might be relevant and useful. Because advertisements are majorly broadcast by this medium and it might be good or bad.

TV has become part of our day to day life as we are stuck to it. Children’s are engage with it by watching cartoon series. TV is quite essential by providing means of information such as current affairs, sports news, traditional news, international news, etc. which is useful for the students to improve their general knowledge.

What not we get from this Idiot box, we get everything just by watching it. Suppose a person is blind he/she can’t see the TV but can hear it. So in this manner it is too helpful for blind person.

Does watching lot of TV affect us? Yes it is right watching a lot affect our eye sight. But nowadays the industries have started to develop such as TV that it care about our eye sight by giving indication that it’s too bright just reduce the brightness.

Importance of Television

Television is good source of information and entertainment. Its influence is felt by everyone, whether they be poor, middle-class or affluent. Such is its value that no one can afford to do without it.

Indeed it is no wonder that the number of TV channels keep soaring day by day, and every channel does its best to entice the viewer to watch programmes on that channel.

Without television we would hardly have any audio visual source of information about happenings in the country and abroad.

For each and every one, whether they are young or old there are varied programmes catering to their particular tastes. Indeed, watching television has practically become a routine activity for the evening.

Nowadays even if you go to stores and supermarket a television set is kept switched on all the time. Doctor keeps television sets in the waiting rooms of their clinics to keep their patient engaged.

Hair and beauty salons too have television sets to keep their clients entertained.

Without television our lives would be very dull indeed. Our day to day activities would be just become boring routine. Television makes life colorful and interesting.

We get to watch many cricket match that has a nail-biting finish. We can view spectacular song and dance reality shows.

Just because of television there are number of employment. The television industry has provided employment to hundreds of artist and technicians. Thus TV has contributed to the economy of the country too. The advertisement sector has also seen a boom thanks to TV.

Thus, in many ways we cannot do without television. It has become part and parcel of our lives.

Television plays an important role especially in student life, just because of television we get hell lot of information that includes

Current affairs of State and Country happening

Information on Wild life, Sanctuaries, etc.

Television provides huge sources of information. That is necessary for student as it increases student general knowledge, which is helpful to crack their entrance exam

It is helpful to engage a small kid so that he/she will not cry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

One of the favorite pastimes of children today is watching TV. They prefer to spend their evenings watching cartoons or serials on TV rather than playing outdoors. This is certainly not good factor. It can lead to health issues.

If viewed for long hours every day it affects their health – particularly the eyesight.

But does all this mean that one should not watch TV? No, for TV has its good side too. Science and news-based programmes and quizzes give a lot of information, and one’s general knowledge.

Cartoons, good serials, and children’s programmes can provide a lot of healthy entertainment. One can even see exciting matches and international events while sitting right in one’s home!

TV is useful for farmer to. There are daily weather forecasts to help them. There are also programme that gives them tips about modern methods of farming.

Thus, TV has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. It is up to us to make the best use of this invention and see to it that it turns out to be a very useful for us, not a trouble


  • Source of Information like sports, education, trending news
  • Engage us with entertainment
  • Very useful for advertisement (Business purpose)
  • Provide weather forecast that is too helpful for farmer
  • One who is illiterate can also take advantage of Television and increase its own General knowledge


  • If children’s are only engage with TV then there will be health issues, watching TV continuously affect eye sight.
  • Wrong advertisement leads to problem, suppose if wrong information is broadcast of a product then it might affect that product business.


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