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Teddies, aww, every girl’s dream is to have a teddy gifted from his boyfriend. Girls love to have a cute soft teddy bear that they could carry around with them anywhere, anyplace.

Some girls even hug around and sleep with their teddy bear thinking of their love as a teddy. For some girls, teddies are the most cutest soft toys that they could ever had and maybe this is the reason that, there is a day named as teddy day in the valentine’s week.  

When does teddy day comes?

Teddy day as usual comes in the month of February, the month of love. Teddy day is a part of the valentine’s week. It comes on 10th of February, every year.  

What happens on teddy day?  

A guy gifts his girl a teddy so that if she misses him, she could hug around the teddy anytime.  

Isn’t it cute? Aww! By the way girls are fond of teddies.  

What type of a teddy does a girl loves?  

Now this is a difficult question. As to what type of teddy does a girl loves. There are several number of varieties a girl could get in a teddy bear.  

There are types in colors, size, quality etc.. etc..  


Generally girls love to have a baby pink or camel color teddy bear, with a cute bow around its neck.  


Teddy BearNow this depends on your girl, as matey 

There are some girls who love to have a medium size teddy bear and they could carry around.  

And there are some girls who love to have a huge size of teddy bear on which they could sleep on.  

So all that depends on your girlfriend choices, plus if the girlfriend’s parents doesn’t know about your relationship then medium size would be preferable as she could say that one of her (girl) friend gifted her on the purpose of friendship and on the occasion of teddy day.

Plus medium size teddy bears consume less space. And huge size teddies consume a lot of space, obviously! But still girls prefer to have a huge teddy bear which they could hug around (while assuming the teddy as their boyfriend) and sleep on.  


The major problem in buying a teddy is the quality of stuff. If the stuff is not soft, dude you are about to get the thumbs down. A girl expects to have a teddy bear which is so soft that she would love to carry it around. If a teddy is soft, the girl will love it so much that you will definitely go home with more than just a hug.  

Now comes the problem of price 

Teddy Bear in Santa LookEvery boyfriend thinks that a huge teddy bear would cost around 10,000 rs, but no matey, cause that’s where you are wrong.  

These days everything is available on social sites. Ever searched it on them? No right? Do it then. There are amazing offers like a 6ft.teddy at the budget of 2100/- so see, isn’t it cheaper than what you expected.  

If you still are facing difficulties, or you don’t have time to purchase it from the market, then simply follow the following steps- 

  1. Download amazon app from play store or go to 
  1. Search for, “huge teddy bear”.
  2. And buy the one that suits your budget.

If you still find any difficulties regarding which one to gift, or color or size wise, then let me add the links of the best you can gift at a cheaper rate.  

In big size

Click4Deal Stuffed Spongy Teddy Bear Cuddles Soft Toy For Kids 5 Feet (Brown) 


In small size

Richy Toys Santa Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed Soft toys Animals Birthday Gift For Kids 38CM (Red) 

Ultra Angel Teddy, Pink (38cm) 

Before giving a teddy to a girl, you have got to say something sweet.  

Hmm..! Now that’s the topic to concentrate upon. What should you say to the girl before giving her the teddy.  

It should be sweet, cute, and something that will make her say, “Aww baby, that’s so adorable, I love you” and make her go all blush and obviously you would be blushing too after hearing i love you from your girlfriend.  

Ok, so something cute, hmm…!  

Ok let me give you some suggestions that you could say to your girl 

Your cheeks are the chubbiest that I wanna grab. 

Your skin is so soft like the fur of a teddy. 

Your eyes have a shine like the twinkling stars in the sky. 

You are so cute, just like this teddy.  

So here it is, baby! Happy teddy day, my cutie pie. 

Hi babe! You are the most cutest thing that has ever happened to me, so here is a cute teddy bear just like you to always remind me of, when I am away from you. 

This is for the girl I love, this is for the girl I wanna marry, whenever we will be apart, remember me with this teddy. 

When I see you, I stop. I feel like damn, she is my girl, I mean how did I even get her? Lol hehe, true though, cause baby I am nothing in front of you. Whatever I am today, is all because of you.

The reason behind my smile is you. You make me happy, and that’s all I wanted. I love you to the moon and back. So I bought you this cute teddy bear which you could remind me with, when we are away from each other. I love you baby so much. 

You make my heart go boom boom! Every time I meet you, I urgently need an oxygen pump cause baby you take my breathe away. You have always been with me, through my ups and downs.

You have always been so supportive. You have always understood me, and never left my side no matter what. You are incredible! You are mesmerizing. Damn baby you are hot. Teddy for my lady. 

I love you my Barbie doll, my princess, my cutie pie, you make me feel special. When I am with you, I don’t have to worry about the obstacles of my life, cause my mind is all free when I’m with you.

I know sometimes, I can’t find out the solution to your problem, but I promise to face it with you. You have done a lot for me. Now is the time for me to make an effort in this relationship, so here is a teddy for my cutie. 

I love the way you look into my eyes, 

I love the way, when you are already staring at me, 

I love the way your hair smells, 

I love the way your cute nose looks like, 

I love the way you talk to me, 

I love the way how you make me feel, 

I love the way you are, my perfect girl,  

I love the way you smile, and I love it when I am the reason behind it. 

A cute teddy for my baby. 

A lovely teddy for my princess, who has always supported me through the obstacles of my life, who is the candle in my life and has brighten and lighten me up through all the darkness. I love you so much darling, muah! 

Terms and conditions, lol

Valentines week is not just for girls, it’s for guys too. But what to do when it comes to teddy day. 

teddy bear holding roseGirls chill, let me help you with it!  The best thing you can do for your guy on a teddy day is: 

Tell him what you feel about him, and go run & jump upon him yelling out loud, here’s your teddy in your arms, and say, “I wanna be your teddy bear for the rest of our life”.

And he will love you so much for your this move. He is gonna be all blushy blush. 

No doubt valentine’s week is for lovers, but there are  many people who are about to begin their love story, or even those who just wanna gift a teddy bear to their friend because they love it.  

You must have always read those screenshots of cute conversations that pages (regarding love) keeps on uploading, when are you gonna start yours? 

It’s easy! Every girl’s dream is to have a grand cute surprise by the one she loves. 

So ping her a sweet message, something like mentioned above and as she replies aww, I love you so much or etc.. etc.. The very next move you do is the another text saying, “open your door, there’s a surprise waiting for you outside”. 

And boom there you are, holding a giant teddy bear. Dude, if you do this, seriously you are on fire just like a pro. 

You will be known as the sweetest, cutest and the most loving boyfriend she could ever had. Cause to be honest girls love surprises. 

She is gonna love you so much after this. 

So by this you can happily celebrate teddy day, I hope I helped. 

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