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We never know when the danger would come to us. We don’t know about what is going to happen next. We should be prepared for every situation. We should be trained for the dangerous situation.

One such activity is swimming. Everyone should be aware of swimming. Swimming is a kind of exercise which is performed in water.  It helps people to float on the water. Usually heavy objects drown in water. But swimming helps to float in water. It enables us to get the feel of water.

We are humans. We need to learn how to swim. There are animals who are natural swimmers. They don’t need to learn swimming. They have limbs. The animals such as cattle, crocodiles, frogs, etc. if go into the water will swim. But if humans go they will drown.

They need to learn the art of swimming first and then get into the water. People should learn this. This is a safety weapon. It is not necessary that only a certain category of people should learn swimming. The fisherman should know the art of swimming. The sailors should know the art of swimming. Everyone should know it. The mishap can happen to any -one. It will not see who is to be victimized.

It is even seen in most of the cases that the sailors or the fishermen are itself not the swimmers. They should know it. It is very important for them. They have to deal with the water bodies all through-out the day. It would be a great risk for them if they are unaware of this art.

swimming essayThere are various factors why people do not want to learn swimming. The very first and common fear is the fear of water. People are sacred to get into the water.  There are stories of great swimmers who had the phobia of water. They overcome their fear.

There are various examples of this. On the other hand there are people who have made world records in swimming. The best way to teach swimming is to teach them when they are young. It is easy for the children to learn new things and to convince them.

It is easy to deal with them and to manipulate them. Moreover the earlier they learn the more experienced they become. This would make them perfect swimmers. This would give them so much of practice. They will not have any fear of water. In fact they would love to experiment with their swimming style.

They would try to go deep into the water body. They would do all these things out of confidence. They would do these things out of experience that they had gained. The most important advantage of it is that they can save themselves in dangerous situation.

They can save themselves from drowning. They can easily do boat rides knowing the fact that know swimming. If anything goes wrong they would be able to escape and be safe. They can easily do water sports which other people hesitate to do.

All the non -swimmers who try these water stunts or go on boat rides they are always under the threat of danger. They are in areas prone to high waves and disturbances. Their life is always under the risk. If it happens that a big huge wave turns the boat then people would drown.

The one who knows swimming would escape easily but others would die. There are various incidents happening near the sea shore. We always get to hear the news of death of several people because of the drowning in the river. This is very sad. Hence it becomes very necessary to learn swimming.

 The advantage of knowing swimming is great. It is said that save some one’s life is equal to give life to some-one. A swimmer in tough situations can perform several things. He has the power not only to save himself but also to save others. He can protect other as well. It feels so sad and dejected if we are unable to help some-one who is really in need. On the other hand it feels great when we are able to help others.

There would not be any other site as helpless as to see some -one dying. In case of drowning we could only see the people drowning if we don’t know swimming. But it would feel great and amazing if we are able to save the life of the drowning one. It is a big gift to us.

Nothing is bigger than saving the life of some-one.  Swimming has lot more advantages other than this. It is very healthy and it keeps the metabolism of body stable. It helps the people to remain healthy. It is very pleasing and a good experience.

It makes people feel light and enables them to enjoy themselves. It is a very amazing way of exercise. It makes the movement of muscles. The beautiful destination places to spend vacations are on river side. It looks ecstatic and beautiful.

The feeling of happiness would increase more if people know how to swim. They can take the complete pleasure of their vacation. They can swim and float on the river. They can perform various water tasks. They can go for water surfing.

They can go for boat rides. They can swim. They can do river rafting and cliff jumping. All these sports are possible only when you know how to swim.

There are various swimming competitions held up to national and international levels. People participate in this. The contestants make world records.

There are people who have crossed English Channel and made records. There are cases of several great swimmers who were with one leg. It is a sport which is there in the Olympics too. Sachin Nagi was the first Indian who received a gold medal in Asian Games in the year 1951. Thus swimming can also become a choice of career for many. It has several scope and is very good sport.

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