Brief History of Swaraj Party

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Let us first get acquainted with what was the Swaraj party and what it meant? Who were the prominent personalities that were involved with the swaraj party and what were the main objectives behind the formation of the swaraj party?

The term swaraj in the Indian language Hindi means self-govern or self-independence. And as the name suggests itself that self-governing would mean that the country or India that was the one of the colonies of the British Empire wanted itself to be free of all the unjust policies and the mistreatment of its people by other foreign bodies and wants to govern itself as an independent nation.

The road to this however was very long so long that it is almost impossible to not to mention any of the incident that took place in achieving independence. There were many incidents that took place, some small, some large, some with small troops and some where the entire nation was burning with one objective.

But the incident might be small or big it has a significant position in the history of India achieving independence. We cannot neglect or remove any of those events from the pages of the Indian Independence history.

There were events, rebels, formation and disintegration of communities, formation of revolutionary parties.

One such revolutionary party was the Swaraj Party. The Swaraj Party was formed under the leadership of the two prominent personalities of the struggle for independence in Indian period. And those two prominent leaders were Motilal Nehru and Chittaranjan Das.

When we talk or discuss about who were the crucial leaders or the flag bearer of the Swaraj Party the above two mentioned names have to be placed at the beginning.

The Swaraj Party was formed in the year 1923 in the month of January. Some of the few objectives that were behind the formation of the party were to take the control from the foreign governing bodies especially the British crown to the people of the nation.

It had one primary objective that was not altered and that was to stop the political nuisance that was created because of the bodies that were governing the nation.

And so the two prominent leaders of the Swaraj Party, Motilal Nehru and Chittaranjan Das decided to form the party and run for the elections so that they can place their rights and demands in front of the council of legislature.

It is a well-known fact that during the British Raj in India nothing was right for the people of India. They were mistreated in every way. They were looked down upon, treated as the inferior subjects and were always subjected to mistreatment and injustice.

This had to stop. After the great revolt for independence in 1857 the urge and need to free the nation from the hands of British Raj was stronger than ever leaving the people of India even more dedicated to get rid of the clutches of the unjustified governing body.

And so, the Swaraj party was formed where the leaders who were going to represent the people of India were fighting for their demands and rights.

Some of the prime objectives of the Swaraj Party were as follows: They had a main objective of representing the oppressed people of the nation and hence they decided to participate in elections. So that their demands and rights shall be placed.

They wanted to voice their thoughts on being not governed by any other non-indigenous officials and had an objective of being and forming a self-governing body.

These were not just any objectives that were only talked about rather these objectives were implemented and were brought into force.

Many members of the party were selected and were also elected to represent the oppressed voice of Indian people in the legislative council of the assembly where the demands and the rights of people of the nation were put forward.

They in turn also substantiate their cause and fought very firmly in the elections and the assembly. And then followed the formation and placing of the rights, all the conferences and the round table meetings where time and again the demand of a self-governing India was projected and talked upon with strong brief justification.

The party was however shattered after the death of Chittaranjan Das.

Formation of the party

The formation of the party was however not made on the grounds of all agreements. It was kind of an opposition to the Mahatma Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement and hence it was formed in the January 9 in the year 1923.

The father of our nation was upset about the violence that was prevalent in the nation, and he was sad about how the Chauri-Chaura incident turned out.

To refresh the memory the Chauri-Chaura incident involved the killing of the police men by the array of the protesters.

There was bloodshed that killed and upset many innocent people of India. Mahatma Gandhi sensed that in order to act in the path of non-violence the protest might turn into something else, something more devastating and ruthless.

There was a possibility of more bloodshed and killing of freedom fighters, protesters as well as many innocent Indian people of the nation who were silently following what was told to them.

Still, fresh from the wounds of the violent incident the non-cooperation movement that was once thought to be a significant step in order to free the nation from the clutches of slavery was looked as not an effective way.

Therefore, in order to strongly oppose the violent acts and the mistreatment by the British Raj, it was felt a necessity to come with a stronger solution.

And the solution was to form an elective body, an organized elective body that would collect all the forced and imposed charges made by the governing body and place the demand to a self-governing body in front of the legislative constituency.

And hence the Swaraj Party was formed to stand as a strong opposition body in front of the governing body.

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