Summer Season Essay for Children – Importance of Summer Season

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Summer season is one of the four seasons that occur on the Earth. It is the hottest of all the season and comes after spring leading to autumn. Usually, it starts from March, and extends till late September. The beginning of Holi usually marks the onset on the Summer season.

The sun rays glisten like powdered gold and the world smells of joy. It ends with the onset of monsoons and heavy rains. Summers brings about different kind of imagery in the mind’s eye. Summer means joy; summer means warmth, summers means blossoms.

Science of Summer Season

Summer season is caused because of the tilt of the earth. These tilt was supposedly caused because of an asteroid hitting the earth and slanting it 23.5 degrees away from its axis. On the course of revolution of the earth, when the tilted side is closer to the Sun, we experience summer, marked by a significant surge in the atmospheric temperature.

During this period of equinox; the Sun positions itself directly over the Equator. The days become longer while shortening the nights. This season also accommodates the longest day on the year (longest duration of daylight from sunrise to sunset).

summer season

Advantages of Summer Season

Summer season, although being the warmest of all seasons is liked by many and is of special fondness to young kids. Just like them we as grownups surely must have many memories and experiences which even today remind us of those warm Summer afternoons of laziness and ice-creams.

  • Summer is the time of working long hours because of the length of the day, thus increases our output and productivity.
  • Children get at least month-long holidays during which they are free from the burden of school bags and homework and can enjoy the innocence of their childhood and make merry.
  • Because of the dry ground, kids usually go outdoorsto play various games which is not only good for their physical development but it also nourishes mind.
  • Because of widespread pollution in the cities, temperatures usually go above the tolerable limit they rush to hilly regions, beaches and resorts to enjoy their summer vacation.
  • Summer seasons brings a plethora of exotic fruits to tease the palate. Mangoes, jack fruits, pears, papaya, grapes, juicy plums, berries, apricots, and many more the main attractions for the taste buds in summer. A variety of savouring vegetables also favours Summer season for growth – beans, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, peppers and squash. These fruits and vegetables are not only helpful in satiating our taste buds but also are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that help us keep healthy and refreshed and also slows down ageing process. Moreover, fruits are made up of over 50% water that helps keep us hydrated during the summers and prevent untoward incidents like heatstroke.
  • Summer season having shorter nights and warmer dawns facilitates waking up early and going for walks and exercises which helps to keep the mortal machinery in pristine condition.
  • Kids can enjoy various fun activities like swimming, boating, river rafting, kayaking, etc.
  • Because of clear skies, summer is the most ideal time to undertake air travel. Many families go for trips during summer to faraway foreign destinations like beaches and islands to spend their vacations and to make everlasting memories to cherish.
  • Because of the temperature, Summer season is ideal for flaunting a variety of bright and colourful dresses of our choice. It gives us the freedom of wearing comfortable and loose clothing because of the prevailing temperatures.
  • And finally there is nothing more pleasurable than spending lazy summer afternoons sitting on the ground, eyeing the beautiful sunset while gorging on to our favourite ice creams and cold-drinks.

Inconveniences during summer season

summer season is one of the greatest of all seasons and gives us immense avenues of enjoyment. However, just like everything in the world, it too has a few disadvantages.

  • Summer season being the warmest of all seasons, brings with it various warm and dry local winds like ‘Loo’ which is extremely harmful for children and adults and can induce sickness and tiredness.
  • Because of surging temperatures coupled with the ill effects global warming, surface temperatures often go beyond tolerable crossing over 50 degree centigrade in some parts of India. This causes tremendous inconvenience to people and many even fall victim to sunburn and dehydration. Therefore it is always advisable to smear sunscreen before going out in the sun. Drinking adequate amount of water is also extremely important. We should drink at least 2.5-3 liters of water a day during hot summer.
  • Warm temperatures are extremely favorable to pathogens and pests, thus during this period, incidents of infliction of pathogenic diseases are extremely common.
  • During the Summer season, snakes and frogs and various other hazardous animals come out of hibernation.
  • Because high temperature also favours growth of various bacteria, foods get stale very easily during summer.
  • Due to extreme heat, mirage occurs on road and can cause major accidents.


Summer season is my favourite season of all four seasons. It is related to numerous memories of my childhood and each year during summer; all those memories come back to me in a magically nostalgic experience that cannot be described by words.

No tongue in the world has words with the audacity to be able to enumerate those joyous Summer afternoons of playing with friends; those tiring sweaty days that ended with cold sugary drinks; those lazy warm afternoons that made us sit indoors and drool on storybooks; jumping into the cold water pond with friends for bathing; those long evenings of fishing with father and cursing the fishing for not picking the line; all of these experiences is what that has brought this bright sunny season closest to my heart.

Every summer of my life is clearly etched in my memory and each of these passing summers keep me anticipated for the next year.To end, I would use these marvelous words of Neruda which aptly describes summer:

Green was the silence, wet was the light;  the month of June trembled like a butterfly.

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