Essay on Suicide : Causes, Effects & Prevention Measures

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Suicide is a common problem prevalent all over the globe. People rip their soul out of their lives to end the unbearable pain they are in. But they do not realize the pain their loved ones undergo due to this reckless act of theirs.

This act of suicide has destroyed families all over the world. The near and dear ones are left grieving due to the torture they undergo with the death of their loved ones. 

Suicide is a very reckless step which is taken by the victim under dire stress. Some have harmful, irrational tendencies of self harm from a prolonged period of time. While, for some it is just a reckless act taken in the heat of the situation.

For these kind of people, it is not as if they don’t know the consequences of what they are doing, it is just that they don’t want to face the aftermath.

The easiest solution on the table for these kind of people to get rid of the problem is suicide. While, for the people with self harming  tendencies, they reach a saturation point. They become completely numb to the outer world and to their own feelings.

They give up on the world because they feel that there is nothing good out there in the world for them. Their eagerness to live, dies and all they want is to leave this place.

They seek peace in death- the peace they could never attain in their life. But what they not know is that death is peaceful. But a lifetime spent in search of peace would have been even more rewarding. 

Reasons for suicide 

The likelihood of a suicide attempt increases when a person has already attempted suicide in the past but was not able to get through the act.

Risk factors for suicide include mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders and substance abuse, including alcoholism and use of benzodiazepine.

Other reasons for suicide include problems with relationships, financial difficulties and bullying. It is also seen in some cases of post traumatic stress disorder. It is a condition where all the victim can think about is the cause of stress.

It drives them over the edge. It makes them insane to the point that they can’t differentiate themselves from the disease. The major catch here is that they don’t even know when they seek out the blade and harm themselves. 

Suicide takes a lot of lives every year. We lose so many productive lives each year. They could actually be young leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and other productive people.

They could have contributed to the change in the economy. But they do not get a chance to prove themselves. It is generally seen that suicide is committed by people in the age group 15-30 years.

As a matter of fact this age group is the most unstable. Finance problems, employment issues, hardships on a personal frontier i.e. relationships; all these problems are faced by people in the age group of 15-30 years.

Though the nature of problems varies during the period and it is not possible to single out one reason for committing of suicide. Suicidal tendencies have also been observed in aged people about above the age of 70.

This is because the aged tend to become grumpy and cranky with old age. They experience constant problems with health. Some of them are abandoned by their own children, leaving with them no alternative but to fend for themselves. All this takes a toll on their mental peace and all they feel is an urge to die from stress they are in.

I would also like to add that aged people should be treated with respect and should not be abandoned to fend for themselves. They care for their children their whole lives only to have them betray them in the end in their difficult times. 

Prevention measures 

Suicide can be prevented though. If steps are taken at an early stage and the victim is helped with love and care, the victim can survive this storm. The victim can be brought back from the dark if given proper treatment and counselling. They should be provided with effective solutions to their problems.

There are many people out there screaming for help. They just want to be heard by someone who is willing to help them out from this misery. Psychiatrists and doctors can come in handy in saving the potential lives. I have seen cases where people have gone to and fro from death yet they survived this storm somehow.

Only because they were strong and they still had will to live, alive in themselves. Suicide helplines should be established 24*7 which should be working. No voice crying for help should go unheard.

Behind the desk should be some aware intellectuals who can actually talk the victims out of committing suicide. Meanwhile, the calls should be tracked and an emergency team should be sent there in order to help the person. 

There are many helpline available to help regarding depression and suicide, that is

Society’s cooperation 

Most of all, people are not aware of the symptoms and consequences associated with suicide. They should be educated enough to know that suicide is not the right method to deal with a problem. Suicide is still dealt with a lot of taboo in the society. Suicide survivors are seen as untouchables and are spurred out of the society.

People are not ready to accept them into their lives just because they judge them on their past. On the contrary they need to be supported by the people near them to find their life again. They should be helped by all to come out of this situation by winning it and taking control over it. 


‌Suicide does not need a cure, all it needs is an ear to listen to its problems. Maybe if human beings learn empathy and sympathy for the people around them and their surroundings, they can come off as a great help to their friends and family.

Don’t shun them but accept them and help them to get to the daily routine so that they can live their lives normally without any fear. 

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