Speech on Success for Children

November 6, 2017 0 Comment

I Extend my warmest greetings to all of you present here. The topic I am going to take about today is something very unique and different. I will be speaking on success. This is probably one of the hardest topics to speak on and also at the same time one of the easiest too.

Every one of us actually knows what it takes to succeed in life it is however that push, that motivation, and that acknowledgement and realization which lacks in us that prevents us from achieving whatever success we aim for. 

We should not just Aspire to make a living or live the life. We must leave to make a difference in the world and in the lives of everyone present there. Anything you want whether it may be good or bad, you can have it. We must claim it and work hard to get it.

And when we get it, we must reach back and pull someone else up to inspire them and motivate them so that they might reach their goals and this is how the circle of success works. 

How many people have a completely distorted idea of what success actually is. Many people believe that just because they worked very hard they are going to achieve whatever they want in life.

Unfortunately, success doesn’t work that way. You may feel that you are doing a lot more than others but it doesn’t mean you will get a lot more than others. There is a clear difference between movement at progress. It’s not hard work but it is smart work that leads you to the path of success to reach your ultimate goals in life. 

Success is one of the most precious and sort of two things in life. And if life has a rule, it is, that nothing worth having comes easy. Success, like all other good things in life is one of the hardest thing to achieve. Life puts in your path, innumerable hurdles and obstructions, when you are on the way to success.

Out of all the parts we have to choose in life, the most of your one and the one not taken by everyone else is the one that will lead us to success. Unlike many people say it is not difficult to find success only if you have the right mindset and is the goal you want to achieve is most important to you. Nothing else should matter in life but your goal and then only success will come running after you. 

Sometimes it happens in life that we are confused about what we should do. We seem to have a lot of free time. And most people usually waste it on worthless practices. they usually develop bad habits and go astray.

One of the most important things that we should keep in mind to achieve success is that we should never keep ourselves free. We must always be engaged in doing something or the other so that the missionary within our body and mind is in Pristine condition. After all we have heard the cliched line “an empty mind is a devil’s workshop”. 

Today if I may ask to everyone present here,” what is the opposite of the word success?”, most of you will answer “failure” is the opposite of success. If your answer is so, you are absolutely right. Failure is the opposite of success however it is one of the greatest irony of life that the opposite of success is actually the greatest pillars of it. Yes, my dear listeners, it is only after you feel that you know what will lead you to success.

One of the greatest scientists in the history of human civilization, Thomas Alva Edison, is known to have thousands of failed experiments under his name.

However, it is because of his perseverance and constant effort that he made groundbreaking and revolutionizing inventions which changed humanity forever bringing in existence the electric incandescent light bulb.

He attributes his success to all the failures that led him to know at least that there are thousands of ways that will not work which helped him to know the way that will work. 

Human history is replete with such examples of great men and women who achieved success with their indomitable spirit, hard and smart work, as well as perseverance to get what they were obsessed with. That is the ultimate key word for success. Our passion and ovule have to be our obsession and then only we can obtain it.

Nothing else in life it matters no relationship problems, no family problems no, social problems nothing should come in the way of us and our success. 

To end, I would say that success is what we make it to be. If we are lazy and we are not dedicated towards achieving it then it will never come within our reach and will be the hardest thing ever possible.

However, if we do our duties diligently and honestly and work towards our goal without being lazy or distracted then success will be as easy as eating food, breathing air and drinking water. 

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