Essay on Life of A Street Hawker

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The street hawker is a familiar sight in India. It is because of street hawkers that we can get practically everything we need at our doorstep, saving us the trouble of going to the market.

Many street hawkers visit our society. Some come with carts; others carry their wares on bicycles or in the baskets. All of them shout out their wares. The goods they sell are of various types. Early in the morning there is the idli-dosawallah.

As they day advances, the ones selling vegetables or fruits come around. Some hawkers turn up with vessels that they are willing to exchange for old clothes. In the evening the bhelpuri man comes with mouth-watering delicacies.

The street hawker leads a hard life. He does not have enough money to rent a shop or a suitable place to vend his wares. So he goes about the streets in various localities in the hope that people will buy his goods.

He has to sell his wares at low prices to increase his sales, so he does no earn much.  The street hawkers live, probably, in a small shack on the outskirts of the town. He has to face every kind of weather if he is to make a living.

Sometimes he is harassed by local goons. But he has to deal with them tactfully so as to carry on, or he will starve.

Still he presents a pleasant face to the customer and a ready smile to a child.

Life of a Street Hawker

Life of Street Hawkers is really miserable. As they need to work hard throughout the day, to fulfill their needs and to sustain in this environment.

Generally, they wake up early in the morning, have their breakfast and then start their day journey to sale their products. Street hawkers are not restricted to any part of the area, but they are restricted to some of the societies.

They walk locality to locality, just to sale their products. They usually make different noise/sound to attract people attention to them. Some of them make good sound, which reflects and get attention by everyone.

Really, the life of street hawkers is very difficult, but indeed they manage their life style and trying their best to sustain in this environment.

But, today many societies has raise objection towards street hawkers, they are not allowed to enter in the society, many incidents has happen like robbing, child abduct, etc.

It was a time when street hawkers were praise by everyone, but today it all has changed, the use of Internet in day to day life has bring huge impact on the street hawker life.

Now, everything has become digital, people order anything via online, so it is the end of Street hawkers??

Answer may varies from person to person, but in my opinion, street hawker will be sustain in village, in city life there is no place for them

We should not forget that, in earlier days, street hawker has been worked like internet, everything we got in one place.

Standard of living has been changed, over decades, now people prefer hygienic food. There are several factors that indicates the life of street hawker is difficult.

Short Paragraph on Hawker

One who sells his goods from his cart, while moving through the streets and lanes, and shouting loudly, is called a hawker. at times, he also moves on foot and goes from one house to the other, canvassing for his items. He tries to convince his buyers by pleading that he is selling his wares at a throw away price.

I know a hawker who visits our street every morning and evening. His name is Sanjay and he sells vegetables. He shouts at the top of his voice to attract buyers. As a soon as the ladies hear his voice, they rush out of their houses with money in their hands.

They buy vegetables of their choice. He is an honest person. Sanjay brings vegetables of good quality and charges a reasonable price. That is why he is very popular in our locality, and all of them know him very well.

At afternoon, he stands near the school gate of our locality to sell sweets. In the recess, children flock to him to buy sweets-meats of their choice.

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