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Very good morning to everyone present here. On this auspicious day today, I am going to speak on the topic of sports. It is a matter of great honour for me to have been chosen to deliver the speech in front of my esteemed teachers and my loving friends and classmates.

To begin with I would first like to ask you one question. What does the word sports mean to you all? The most people will say things like running, playing and so on and so forth. Probably you are right to some extent.

But I believe sports is not only running or playing. It is performing activities that inculcate various values within an individual which contribute to his growth and development as a healthy and sound individual. Sports are extremely essential in our lives and must be included within not only the primary education but also in senior level education too.

In fact, sports should never be eliminated from a person’s schedule irrespective of his age. Why is it so that only kids should play? People of all age and all kinds of backgrounds must be involved in sports throughout their lives actively or at least occasionally.

My friends and esteemed dignitaries present here need not be reminded of the benefits that sports have on our Physical health. Whenever anyone talks about the benefits of sports, the health benefits are probably at the top most of the priority list. Any sort of physical activity is extremely essential for the growth and development of various tissues, muscles and bones in our body in young children.

Talking of physical development, the brain also grows in a healthy manner when the body is subjected to Intense physical activity just like we get in regular Sports. This is extremely beneficial for the growth of children so that they have a fully developed brain and body.

In grown up adult’s, sports help in the maintenance of healthy tissue and also aid in the repair of worn out cells due to ageing. One of the magical benefits of sports is that it deletes the process of aging and a person involved in sports activities may look younger than his age.

Yes, I was talking about the development of brain through sports, let me delve a bit deeper into it. When a child performs certain physical activities, this helps a lot in the growth of brain not only in physical size but also in mental abilities.

Various research and scientific studies have shown that a person who has been actively involved in sports at a young age shows better academic performance than someone who led a sedentary Lifestyle as a kid.

No man is an island. Probably every one of us have heard this statement. This means that human beings need to survive in social communities and Groups. Therefore, one must be able to blend in and work with other people as a team as his life progresses.

This notion of teamwork is something that nothing else teaches us better than Sports. Playing in groups or teams is extremely essential for inculcating values of teamwork and leadership in an individual.

If a person has never been involved in sports activities in his childhood, chances are that he will have an introvert attitude while mixing with others which will lead to various problems both in his personal life as well as at his workplace.

Another phrase is revolving in my mind right now. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Only concentrating on the academic portion of a person’s education will never be able to create a person’s complete personality. He might be extremely knowledgeable but his way of handling life will be a lot worse.

Sports is not only about running and jumping. It teaches us to handle problems in life. Just like there are hindrances and tough situations in a game, life also throws many such problems in our way. What sports teacher’s us is to fall down and get back up again and win. That’s life.

Although needless to say, sports also help us identify individuals with special talent in the field of games in which will help us in training them and they might make a big mark for themselves in the field of sports at a professional level.

To conclude I would say that sports is so important in our daily lives that it’s sometimes confusing whether life resembles the playground or the playground resembles life.

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