Smoking Kills Essay for Children | Smoking Adverse Effects on Health

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 “Smoking kills and if you are killed you have lost a very important part of your life”.

Bad Effect on Health

Smoking is a practice where a substance is being burnt and the smoke from it is breathed in and is absorbed by the blood stream of human. Smoking is bad for one’s health and even for those who are nearby them at the time of smoking. There are so many side effects that can damage and even kill one’s body.

It also has dangerous effects on body, the lungs of the person and makes it difficult for the person to breathe. Cigarette contains so many chemicals which consist of cancer causing compounds also.

The cigarette consists of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide, as well as so many other components Nicotine is very highly addictive and tar is the most dangerous compound for one’s health, tar is able to penetrate into your lungs, where it can do even much more damage.

Its immediate effects on health are damage to your lungs that results in coughing and shortness of breath (or tightness in the chest).

Effect on Country’s economy

Smoking kills has resulted around death of 6 million people every year and costs the world more than $1 trillion a year for health care expenses a report says.

Some policies to control tobacco should be made so as not only to reduce the risk of diseases like cancer but also to increase country’s economy which is invested for citizens health by the government.

“The tobacco have an impact on country’s economy, and the general public is very huge, as this new report shows,” says WHO’s assistant director-general.

But smoking is no longer an economic issue, this is a health issue!

Let’s face it, second-hand smoke kills.

The health issues are not just for those who smoke but it is ruining the lives of others who are present there. Smoking should be at least banned in the public areas in order to prevent health issues to not smokers or second-hand smoking.

Smoking Kills effects essay

As we already know that “Smoking is injurious to health

Reasons to ban smoking in public places

  • Second-hand smoking has very serious negative health consequences.

If the people in the public place want to damage their body then we can’t help it, but it should not affect at least others bodies who are near to them.

    • Litters reduction: Cigarette filters or butts result in millions of pieces of litter annually and they minimize the aesthetic of location. If smokers would dispose of the waste from cigarettes properly when they’re in public places, this might not be an issue, but matter of fact is that they never dispose. The ban on smoking would reduce litter.
    • The abiding odour of stale cigarettes: In bars, restaurants and other establishments that permit smoking, many people there find the odour of cigarettes to be unpleasant and vexatious. Cigarette smoke tends to abide on people’s clothes and hair and takes and it takes very long time to get fade out of clothes and hair even after the party.
    • Right to work in a healthy workplace: It is responsibility of the organisation head to provide a healthy environment for the employees working in his organisation. While many of the workers in the organisation choose to work in those workplaces where smoking is permitted, others may not prefer to be around smoke but persist to be there because they need the employment more.

A ban on a smoking opponent may simply say, “Work somewhere without smoke,” yet I would argue that your insistence on smoking in public is not as important as that employee’s health and livelihood.

Smokers’ who are an unwillingness to control their urges for smoking should not force other people to change their jobs in the name of personal health and welfare.


For the prevention of smoke, we should follow some steps

  • As now a day’s teen smoking is more common it is the age when the majority of people start smoking and become addicted to it and after that, they don’t find it easy to quit. So we should set some good examples in front of them.
  • Expect peer pressure on them; give tools to the teens so that they can stop smoking.
  • Explain them the bad causes of cancer and give them examples of the bad effects.
  • Consult them to doctors if they have started so that consulting can result in the quitting of their smoking.
  • Get involved in the social campaigns that promote anti smoking among the teens in the schools and other levels in order to promote quit smoking.

Promote the bad effects of smoking everywhere as smoking has increased in today’s era and this is leading to not only the bad effect on people’s health but also on the economic development of one’s country.

So,  “Quit Smoking and Stay Healthy and Happy”.

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