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Smoking is a habit which soon takes the form of addiction and it becomes a life long vice difficult to get rid of. In older days smoking had been a family tradition such as pipe smoking.

Later cigarette smoking became a fashion among the youth mostly .Tobacco smoking is not less than an epidemic in the youth of this country. Since we see our favourite actors smoking a cigar or a cigarette in movies and shows we tend to imitate it.

We have a natural inclination to get fascinated by such flamboyance acts, simply because of a tag, that ‘Smoking is cool’ and also for the simple reason that our role model is doing such an act. But, the fact remains that, tobacco smoking in any form is not only injurious to health, but life threatening.

 Health Hazards

Nicotine addiction not only hampers one’s health but also degrades the biotic and abiotic environment and poses a huge threat for the surrounding non-smoking communities. This is referred to as second hand smoke/ ETS (Environmental tobacco smoke)/ Passive smoking.

The tobacco smoke directly harms our lungs and other respiratory organs. It is not only injurious to health but is also a huge drain on our pocket. Many families are ruined due to smoking. Smoking not only harms the addicted person but also affects other people as passive smokers. The children and infants of a family are especially at risk from it.

What is the most priceless gift given to everyone on this planet? It is the gift of life, which remains unnoticed until our own unwanted habits become the reason for its degradation. Active smoking/ Passive smoking causes various respiratory disorders like, asthma and lung cancer.

It also effects the heart functioning and leads to heart attack, coronary heart disease, swelling and bursting of blood vessels and various neurological disorders.

Smoking is Injurious essay


Tobacco or nicotine in any form contains various heavy metals like cadmium, nickel, formaldehyde, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, lead, insecticides, pesticides etc.

These are not only scientifically proved as potent carcinogenic compounds but are also linked with increased susceptibility to lung infections, leukemia and brain dysfunctioning.

Tips to Quit Smoking

Physical Workout– A daily health routine triggers dopamine (Happy hormones) that automatically helps one to cut on smoking.

Yoga-Meditation and power yoga helps maintain the breathing pattern of the body. It also helps to enhance self-control.

Positivity-A well determined attitude coupled with positivity can help reduce nicotine consumption.

Restrict your Urge– Make a genuine effort of controlling your urge of smoking by diverting to a productive and creative hobbies and interests.

Hydration Techniques-Increase your intake of fluids- Rehydrate yourself by consumption of water and fluids, so that it flushes all the toxins embedded in your body system.

Counselling- If one is addicted to bad habit of smoking, one should not hesitate to take the help of a qualified counsellor.

Awareness Campaigns and Statutes

With an aim to promote  awareness among general public , various anti-smoking campaigns as well as government initiatives have come to play an important role in curbing such  bad habits . Street plays, capacity building, research campaigns, public participation and pressure from civil societies and NGO’s have brought about a silver lining in this dismal state of affairs.

With such initiatives, it has now become mandatory to devote 85% space to anti-smoking warnings on packets of cigarettes and other tobacco products. One of the initiatives taken by the Union Ministry has proposed a fine of Rs. 1000 for smoking in Public area, gardens, open spaces and residential area.

It has also pressed the issue of removal of designated smoking areas in previously allowed areas like hotels/restaurants.


Smoking has only bad effect on our health. It has potential to ruin families, societies and nations. We need to save our future generations from the devastating effects of this vice.

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