My Sister is my Best Friend Essay for Children and Students

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Indeed an angel

My sister is a sister, from different mother, being a sibling of her is in itself a great pleasure and a blessing from the god. A sister disguised in a sister-in-law is a cherry on the cake. Life have always given me some prodigious relationships in life, but my sister has always been a super power, my sense of strength, my angel for life.

My sister have always played different starring roles in my life, be it a mother, elder sibling, the younger sibling, cousin or as sister in law and hence I call my sister an angel, because I believe only an angel can play these many roles in one’s life. A sister is somebody with whom you can share anything, anytime, anywhere without any hesitation.

The ever young beauty with brains is always admirable and a young scientist is always inspiring. My sister have always been a guiding book without whom, taking a step ahead is risky. I have always seen different advertisement where they show multiple hands of a women, the similar advertisement comes to my mind when i see my sister managing different things at a time. Hence my sister is an angel indeed. 


My sister have always supported me all through my life, starting from my childhood, she has always been a hero to me. 

My sister have been playing different roles in my life. And it is only she who can play these roles so perfectly at every point of life. My sister always have been brightening my life like a star. It is only her, with whom a real life “Hum aapke hain kaun” part 2 could be possible. It is only my sister who could be a sister, a friend, a mother, a sister-in-law, a teacher, actually a lifeline from the god.  

The friend phase

My sister have always been my best friend ever, she can be called my 3’ am friend. Yes, of course she have always been my friend without whom I cannot move a step ahead. Without a friend like her, life would have been the most monotonous.

She is the one without whom, a shopping is incomplete, visiting market is incomplete, going out for breakfast; lunch; dinner is incomplete, watching a movie is incomplete and what not. I feel totally incomplete without her.

The never ending nights while gossiping, never ending nights while trying different clothes and the never ending discussions on certain mutual matters. My sister is a friend whom I can trust eyes closed, eyes open or probably without eyes or rather I would say without any sense organ. 

The mother phase

My sister always have been there for me like a mother, the most caring nature for me, the most different nature, which is hard to describe in words or let’s say the nature which only a mother can have. It is only her who can wake up entire night for me when I am not well, she is only one who can drive me to any level be it emotionally, mentally or physically.

My sister have an innate power in her to drive me to any extent. In short she is a complete feeling of love, care and affection which only can be felt through a mother. Oh! Yes she has produced certain traits in me, which not only boosted my confidence and have taught me how to live life elegantly.   

The fighting phase

The most amazing phase with her is the fighting phase, no one could have ever fight, the way we fight as sisters. We fight as if we are no one to each other, we as sisters can fight for entire day and night to prove each other. Or instead I would say it can last for many days and nights, without speaking to each other. One fine day has to come when we cannot resist ourselves from talking to each there.

Therefore I believe where there are humans, fights are necessary to happen, but whom we love and care for, that fine day has to come where we cannot resist ourselves from talking, loving or caring for each other. It is being said that true fights generate love within each other. And I definitely believe with the fact as after every fight the bonding within us is stronger.  

Sister-in-law phase

Where there is trust, everything is fine in itself. We know it very well, how to tackle this phase of life. It is our dream of life to stay together always and always together no matter what. My sister very well know how tackle me, command me through this phase of our life. And we as sister-in-law put up our best to prove our sisterhood to the world. 

My lifeline, in fact my world, indeed my everything

I just want to mention, that my sister is my world, my lifeline and everything to me, I want to tell you my sister that, when you are around world seems alright, everything seem just perfect. We as family are totally incomplete without you. One thing I could give you in my life, is the ability to see you through my eyes.

My sister is my idol without whom I simply cannot walk through my life. To explain the bonding it is as simple as that I am incomplete without my sister like a candle without light, a bus without tires, a mother without her child.

Please be always by my side. My sister is my mirror to life, who has always tried showing me the true paths of life. In the end all I want say is I love you the most. And will always work towards fulfilling the aim and dream of life living together always.

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