Essay on Should Abortion be Legal?

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Abortion is a way to end pregnancy by removing the foetus from a pregnant lady’s womb. In simple terms, it means to get rid of the unborn baby. Abortion is quite common especially among teenage girls who because of their careless mistake end up getting pregnant.

Abortion is also done because of unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is illegal in countries like Vatican City, Malta, The Holy See etc. as they have banned it.

In India, abortion is legal up to twenty weeks of pregnancy. Abortion is something that is frowned upon by people in India. Even though Indian law supports abortion up to twenty weeks, the society doesn’t like the concept of abortion at all.

Here the topic is about if abortion should be legal. There are many pros and cons about this it is quite difficult to say without evaluating the situations properly. The girls or women go through this are really strong to take this decision but this is not always true as sometimes they are even forced to do so.

The concept of abortion does not sit well in India. However, the new generation understand the situation because of which someone wants to go through the process of abortion where a woman has to destroy a child that is being born inside her womb.

Abortion should be legal

Here I will talk about the reasons why abortion should be legal. In reality there are many reasons why abortion should be made legal. One of the main reasons is that unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy is something that occurs even after taking precautions.

During unwanted pregnancy, many people want to get abortion done. The reason of unwanted pregnancy can be many like when the couple are too young or when they are not financially stable to take care of the child etc. There is also another reason in which case pregnancy should be made legal which is teenage pregnancy.

The teenagers does things on a whim and don’t think too much about the consequences and this behaviour of their makes them get in to serious trouble like pregnancy.

In this case when the girl does not want to keep the baby, she wants to get it aborted and for this case abortion should be legal as without abortion, the girl’s future will be at risk as the society does not take teenage pregnancy well. As a matter of fact, society does not take pregnancy without marriage that well.

To save the girl’s future, abortion should be done and in this case if the abortion is made legal, then no one will mind. There are also cases of pregnancy after a girl is raped. As ashamed as the thought is, unfortunately it is true and happens quite often in India. In this case, if the girl wants can do abortion then she can. For this type of cases, abortion can be made legal.

Abortion should not be legal 

As there are many reasons why abortion should be legal, similarly, there are many reasons why abortion should not be legal.

One of the main reasons for this is that in India, even though it is illegal to know the sex of the unborn child, there are many clinics and hospitals that do tell the sex of the child with a price that is and in case the child is a girl, the parents frequently does abortion.

It has been a problem for India now. Many parents of either one of the parents wants to do abortion in case the unborn child is a girl as Indian people has a stupid notion that girl child is a burden and because of this notion, many people do not want a girl child.

There are also some cases when the mother is forced to do abortion by her husband or parents or for various reasons. In this type of cases, abortion should be illegal.

There is also another reason which is that in many case doing abortion can harm the mother’s health. Doing abortion the mother’s health can be in danger for various reason and many people ignore that and still do abortion which can cause even death of the mother.

Many people do not know this fact and without knowing they go to do abortion and causes serious damage to the mother’s health.

There is also the effect of emotional backlash. After an abortion, the mother is the one who gets broken down emotionally as it is not easy for a mother to kill a child that has been slowly growing up inside her womb.

It affects the mother emotionally. Abortion also means murdering an innocent. Many believe that abortion is not murder but a foetus is also a human being so it is in a way a murder.

Since the foetus is a living being, people have no right to say that the foetus has no right to live. The affect of abortion is quite bad and harmful.


In this topic even after evaluating all the options, it cannot be said that abortion should be legal or should be illegal. As I said before, there are many pros and cons of it and even pointed them out above. In India there are many reasons why abortion should be illegal in India and quite specifically because of the case of girl child abortion.

As killing girl child has been a major problem in India even in today’s date. However if abortion is made illegal then teenage pregnancy will also be a problem in many cases. Abortion has become quite common all over the world. Some countries have strict rules against abortion where as some countries have somewhat lenient rules against it.

In my opinion, abortion should be made both legal and illegal by a set of rules. In the cases when it is absolute necessary then abortion should be made legal and in some other cases where it is not so important, then abortion can be made illegal.

It completely depends up on the cases to make abortion legal or illegal. The situation of the case should state that abortion should be made legal or not.

As doing any one of the two will make it difficult for the other case. Which is why abortion shouldn’t made either legal or illegal. It should be guarded by a set of rules and regulations that support both the cases and depends on the situation of the mother decision should be taken accordingly.

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