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There is a great saying that God will help those who every time help themselves in any situation and circumstances.

You can say it as self improvement which is a powerful method to tackle yourself intellectually, economically or emotionally. Self help also considered as a psychological support. Many different group programs are running over the globe for motivating people for self help.

Every group has its own ambitions, focus, beliefs, techniques and some of them are controlled by a leader of different thinking. Terms and concepts originating in self improvement culture or twelve step culture, like recovery, codependency and dysfunctional families have become as an essential part

Self help can be done by utilizing support groups or publicly available information. It can be brought in concern either through internet or in person. Internet or group provides a table where people suffering from same situation meet with other person.

Groups are also associated with patients who are suffering from health conditions. Sharing your experiences with in a group helps other to motivate from the failures and which ideas are beneficial and which are not.


In layman language, when you are in problem what will you do? Either you will take help or do it yourself. Self help is the option which helps you to take independent decision whether you are right or wrong at least you can help yourself to tackle any problem or issue.

If you are feeling thirsty then you yourself drink water because it is a problem which is creating problem to you and not to anybody.


When you help yourself in particular issue, then who gain confidence such that you can help others too. Your knowledge towards that area will get increased.

We are having different websites which are running to solve problems; it is a kind of public portal where everyone shares their problem. Those who already faced that issue can help without any problem.


You have a powerful engine on internet i.e. Google as if you have any problem you direct go to Google in order to check the available solutions on internet.

This help has revolutionized the world in order to gather information more than your storage capacity. Similar to Google other search engines are also available which contains abundant amount of information.

Disadvantages for not helping themselves

People generally try to complete their work or solver their problem by themselves. This helps to increase in their knowledge effectively. But sometimes they do not want to do their work which affects their daily routine as follows

  • They feel very lazy while completing their work on time.
  • They lose confidence of their friends and groups as they are unable to do their work sincerely.
  • People gradually start losing faith in them and once the faith has been lost it cannot be done again.
  • These people wait every time for somebody who can help them at every step in their life.
  • They are unable to take independent decisions.
  • They ignore the criticism just to remain away from work.
  • Other people definitely take advantage of their laziness and dependency which ruins them mentally and emotionally.

Example of certain personalities

  • Mahatma Gandhi was a great man who never loses hope in himself while struggling for the independence of India. They fought with British people all alone. He motivated and enlightened whole country to protect their rights against them. In daily routine, he cleans his room himself. He cleans his own clothes. He took care of himself in all days and at every stage of life.
  • Apple, Microsoft companies are the pioneer in motivating a person for self help. If these companies head were dependent on other persons then it was very difficult for them also to stand in the crowd.

In your life also many will give you suggestions to work in certain manner but in the end it is dependent on you to make decisions which lead them to achieve great success.


Self help helps to create motivation among yourself which leads you towards the solution for your problem. It is important for every single person therefore it should be adopted by everyone and all. It will help you to make active and smart but also helps to solve the difficult problems or situations automatically by yourself.

Great men were never showed their dependency on other persons they always preached and practiced self help. As it is a quality which helps a man to become great and legend.

It is advice for everybody to teach their children about self help as it will make children brain more sharper and extra ordinary. At initial steps it will be difficult but afterwards it will be very easy.

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