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How is science important to us? 

There are many things that we have today which have been given to us by science. It is science which has helped us to find and invent many things which is present with us today.

Without science it would not have been possible to have electricity, mobile phones, internet, television, modern technologies or any form of recreational things etc.

If science would have not been there, we would be living in a completely different world than how it is today. The emergence of science started from the time the first humans came on this earth.

They tried out many new things which were available around them. After trying out new things, they became curious and then they experimented many more things. Today science has influenced and helped us so much that if we sit to count them, it will be never ending.  

Our modern life at the present day has been taken over by science. The things from the time we wake up in the morning, to the food we eat, clothes we wear, games, books and other recreational things- all of them are connected with science. Every one of us knows that science is there with us in every part of our life.

Whatever we do in our daily life is some way or the other connected to science. Science has given us the things which are helping us for different uses in our daily life.

This can be the clothes that we wear as it has gone through different production process by scientific methods and we have got the end products.

Even the paper that we use to write on is present to us in large quantities. This is all because of science which is giving us different products in large quantities.  

Science has been able to take over time and distance. We can reach another place which might be very far in a very less time.

Even if we miss any news we have the technologies to help us get updated with whatever we missed. Science has brought comforts in our life.  

But science is not only about new technologies, medicines, gadgets and machines. It is much more than this. Science has helped us to gain knowledge, made our brains grow and develop and also removed our curiosity of things work and there is development everywhere in the world.  

How is religion important to us? 

Religion is considered to be an important part of the life for many people. But still there are many people who do not consider religion or religion does not matter to them.

Even at one point of time people like them do consider religion. But why does that happen? This is because it is a belief that society wants religion.

The different religious beliefs can benefit a lot to the society. Some people even argue with each other saying that without religion they will not be able to survive and function.

Religion helps us to regulate our behaviour. We can also see many rules, regulations and laws in the country, out of which some have been taken from various religious teachings.  

We can get mental peace from religion. The life of human is filled with uncertainties and dangers. This makes them helpless.

They do not know what to do. So, in this way it is the religion which calms them down from all problems and encourages them. Religion helps humans by giving them faith that all the problems and time of sorrow will go away some day.

Religion instills values like truth, non-violence, love, honesty, service and discipline in the people. It also brings the spirit of brotherhood in people. It teaches people the importance of self-service and serve for the welfare of the masses.

Different religions have different festivals. So, these festivals give recreation to festivals and bring them together to celebrate and be happy. Religion makes us learn certain beliefs.

These beliefs give strength to us and also teach us to be confident. Religion gives us reason in which we can believe. Explaining it in an easier way, it is through religion people know that their life and whatever they are doing right now, everything is for a reason.  

Relationship between Science & Religion 

Religion has guided our society for many years. People who believe in God have been worshipping their God with full devotion.

All humans have problems, anxieties and worries in their life. They believe they should leave all in the hands of God because they know he will solve all of their problems.

On the other hand, science has helped human beings to observe and examine things around us scientifically. It is because of science that the minds and ideas of the people are influenced greatly.  

Science and religion are related to each other. We learn the principle of morality with the help of religion, while it is this morality which guides science. There are some people who give themselves for science. They devote themselves to the field of science.

After which they become great prophets. But they need to understand that the power of science will be more giving and effective only when our religion and the value of morality will guide it. This does not mean that human should believe only in religion and not in science.

One should believe in both of them. Religion must be given importance like how people give to science. Otherwise things will not end in a good way if the religion is not given importance.

Even God is invisible but the power of our God is present everywhere. Even the scientists believe this.

This is because there are many things in the world which cannot be controlled by them. But there is another power which controls all this and this power is

God. People need to understand they should maintain harmony between science and religion. Both of them should be used together as this unity will help in the welfare of humans. Both science and religion can together achieve betterment and success of humanity.  

Science and Religion: Which is more important? 

We all know that science and religion hold different positions in our life. But we should remember that both science and religion are equally important in our life.

They have their own values and importance in our lives. Both of them have been in conflict with each other from the very beginning.

According to some people, religion was supreme and important everywhere. But now it is being replaced by science. Some say that for them science is better because we have got all luxuries and benefits from it. While on the other side religion is better than science because we learn values and get salvation from religion.

But according to me neither science is better nor religion. They are equally important. It is just that they collide with each other on many issues. They are not related each other. Both of them are different concepts.  

My opinion is that religion gives us values, meaning, guidance, morality and direction. Religion is something that gives us mental peace when we are in despair and are worried with our problems.

This is why we should never underestimate the importance of religion. On the other hand we cannot associate these things with science.

Rather science helps to learn about the world and what benefits we can get by understanding of the world. This understanding will help to make our life better. Neither science should be disapproved nor religion. It is important that both science and religion should find a common ground.

Science and religion have different outlook. Science is all about being rational, observing and experimenting things. Only if something is experimented and the result is right, only then things are to be believed and accepted. While religion is all about faith.

Religion teaches us that we should have faith and believe on our religious leaders and their teachings. Yes, God is not visible and we cannot experiment religion like science.

But we can understand the importance of God only if we have faith. Whatever science proves today as right, it can be wrong another day. It is tentative.

Well, this does not happen in the case of religion. But science has advanced a lot. This advancement is slowly replacing religion. People have started believing more on science.

But science has limitation. No matter how advanced science gets later on, it will never be able to replace religion in terms of faith, values, teachings and a person’s aspect of life.    

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