Essay on Science is Blessing or Curse for Children and Students

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Science is one of the greatest blessings of our age. It is the forerunner of all comforts, progress and prosperity. It has provided us with electricity, machines, equipment’s and drugs.
At one time, a long journey took a month to complete which now takes only a few hours. The development of fast and comfortable means of transport has overcome the fear of distance. Science has made travel road, easy and luxurious.

Roadways, railways, travel from one place to another in the shortest possible time over land, water and in the air. The discovery of electricity has revolutionized of electricity our life. Today we cannot imagine life without electricity. It is used to run many things like fans, radios, televisions, machines, etc. it has reduced the use of human power in many ways.

In the medical field, science has made tremendous progress. Discovery of x-rays, and the invention of anesthesia, have greatly facilitated of surgical operations are performed daily. Today we have a cure for those diseases, which were once believed to be incurable.

Its role in bringing a revolution in the field of education is also very great. With the invention of printing machines, books are now available for all. Braille has made it possible even for the blind to learn and the education to the learner even in remote areas.

Thus, considered from all angles, there can’t be two opinions that science is indeed, a great blessing for all of us but for it, we would still be living like our ancestors in the Stone Age.

Science is a Curse?

Quite often, even beneficial inventions of science cause death or destruction, making it took like a curse. Whenever there is fire owing to a short circuit, or a death on account of electrocution, we curse science and its great invention.

A patient may die because of an over-dose of medicine or a wrong diagnosis of disease. Then also we start blaming the advancement of science.

Likewise, for all sorts of pollution too, the blame is given to science. We say that it caused by factories and vehicles, which are coming up in large numbers owing to our too much dependence on science.
Naturalist, therefore, argue that science has equipped us with enough means for self-destruction.

To top them all are the guns machine guns, tanks, bombs and all sorts of fighter planes. Their unhindered possession has resulted in world wars I and ii in addition to many territorial wars like Vietnam War and the Iran and Iraq war.

The devastation brought about by these unwise ventures is too great to describe.
Today science threatens to bring about the extinction of human race. It has deprived all of us of human and moral values and has led us to materialism.

We are becoming too selfish and heartless day by day. Thus we can say that our lack of wisdom and farsightedness has converted the blessing of science into a curse.

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