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We are all living in an era dominated by science. In simple terms science is a systematic study of physical world and universe on the basis of observation, experimentation and measurement.  The nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw unparalleled scientific inventions and discoveries which changed the life of man on this planet.

Today we are dependent on science and technology that our life will come to a grinding halt in case of any malfunction in technology.

Science has brought many comforts and convenience in our lives. In earlier times man lived in harmony with nature. Despite many difficulties and hardships posed by nature we lived a less complex, simple, tension free life.


However with advancement in science and technology, the pace of life has increased to such a proportion that many individuals are unable to cope with it.

Advantages of Science in Our Daily Life


The invention of electricity and electricity bulb by Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin    has completely transformed our life. Our homes are now equipped with electrical gadgets which cannot function without supply of electricity.

The water supply, washing machines, coolers, air conditioners, computers, television, fans etc. all need electricity. Many trains run with electricity.


Computers have completely revolutionized our life. The schools, offices, banks, aircraft’s, spacecraft’s and health services are based on computers.

With the computers, data is processed at a very speed which is beyond the capacity of human brain. The computer work with total accuracy.

The records can be processed, computed, stored and retrieved at a faster pace. Even the warfare in the armed forces is now driven by computers.

Health Service

In earlier days thousands of people used to die due to epidemics, diseases like plague, malaria etc. But the science has invented vaccines and antidotes to completely eradicate these diseases.

Today, complex heart and brain surgeries are carried out through nano technology. X-ray, MRI, CT scan etc. can give us three dimensional images about the internal organs of our body. Many organs can be transplanted with the help of technology.

Space Exploration

We have now conquered the outer space. Since the time when we landed on the moon, efforts are afoot to set up human colonies in outer space. Today’s warfare is fought through satellites put in the space.

Thousands of communication and imaging satellites can pin point any place on the earth. India has landed its craft on Mars. Many mysteries of the universe are now being unraveled. We may even be able to find out the origin of our world because of scientific exploration.


TV/Mobiles/Radio has made this world a global village. Space and distance have lost meaning. Sitting at our home we can be connected with anyone in any part of the world in seconds.

We can switch on any radio station through satellite and watch any programme on TV from any country round the clock. Any news or event happening can reach us live. Even some of the military operations/exercises from war zone can be seen sitting in our drawing room.


While we have progressed in every sphere of life due to science and technology, it has its darker side as well. Science has also brought with it nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction.

The entire world can be destroyed within seconds. Now days we have become slaves of technology. Ozone layer is depleting due to industrialization.   We are spinning out of control. There is a need to strike a balance between our craze for comfort and mother-nature for the sake of our future generations.

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