Speech on School Uniform is Good or Not

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Good morning respected principal and teachers and greetings to my peers and fellow students. Today I am going to present before you my speech on “school uniforms are good or not”. I pray for your cooperation throughout the time that I present my speech and also pardon me for any mistake that I make while putting forward my speech.

What does uniform mean? It means something which is standard. Something which is same in order and looks. There is no variation in its physical qualities.

Uniform in the context of school means the dress code followed by school to provide same clothing for all the students studying in that particular institution. Different institutions follow different patterns of uniform. But the uniform for one institution is same for all the pupils of that institute.

Uniforms should be made necessary or not. Well that is a major question when it comes to deciding the choice of so many school goers and students. The choice of uniforms has been a debated topic for a long time. Uniforms gives students an even look. In schools from the richest to the poorest wears the same outfit.

Talking about uniforms there are some advantages and disadvantages. Seeing my perspective, I see more advantages than the disadvantages.

Firstly, in school’s students from all backgrounds come for studying. Everyone should be equal when it is a matter of gaining knowledge. In such places obviously, a student from a well to do family will wear a costly outfit if the choice of clothes is there. But when a student belonging from a poor background may not to do so. In some families buying dresses is and yearly occasion.

Students from such families cannot afford costly dresses. There might be times when he/she will feel emotionally insecure or might feel some complex by seeing the costly uniforms of his/her peers. But if all are made to wear the same uniform then this problem of background won’t arise.

Everyone will be wearing the same uniform, be it rich or poor. Uniform gives us a recognition. It shows proudly that we belong to this institution. We should wear our uniforms with pride just like soldiers wear their uniforms with pride. Can any day anytime any soldier say that he wants to wear a fancy dress to battlefield?

There are certain rules in every field which have to be followed. And this starts right from our childhood with our admission in school. The rules of school frame our character.

Secondly in some schools there is system of giving uniforms for free to help the weaker sections of the society. Some schools help the socially backward students to get educated. In such schools the students are provided with school uniforms. Hence if uniforms are not there then these students will face problems while coming to school.

It brings law and order to the school discipline system. Students may dress inappropriately. You cannot keep eyes on so many students in a single school. Students may wear dresses which are inappropriate for an educational environment. The concept of dressing is a very relative idea.

Something which is not vulgar for you maybe vulgar for someone else. It is the most debated topic along with feminism nowadays. But if you object about it there can be cases of student harassment. So, it better to encourage everyone to wear a standard uniform so that this problem of appropriate dressing may not occur.

Children will feel happy when they see their friends wearing the same dress as them. There is another system of bullying in schools. Children who cannot afford branded clothes get teased by their peers. They are bullied. Such things may stop if all wear the same dress.

By making kids wear uniforms every day you remove the thought of ‘how cool I look’ from the students. Hence there will be more concentration on studies rather than on looks. Students need to get used to not being allowed whatever they want on weekdays.

When they go for a job interview or even a job you can’t wear whatever you want. All the jobs have dress codes which have to be followed and this habit has to be cultivated right from childhood. therefore, schools need to enforce dress codes.

Other than that, talking about the disadvantage of uniforms the main drawback is that it doesn’t give students the choice of wearing something according to their choice. Dresses for them gets what they call boring. Students don’t get the option to ‘choose’ everyday their dresses.

Therefore, the point is clear. From my side I say that uniforms should be made necessary in all educational institutions and students should be made to follow the dress code strictly for a disciplined future.

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