OBC Scholarship 2022 – Eligibility Criteria, Last Date, Reward Amount, Online Form & Renewal

What is OBC Scholarship?

OBC scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students/professionals owing to a lack of funds to help them obtain a higher education. The Government has awarded OBC scholarships worth INR 850 corers for the welfare of the economically weaker parts of the country, and so far, lakhs of students have taken advantage of these scholarships.

Scholarships are well known in the world for their monetary assistance. They are a strong weapon that supports the poorest segment and bright minds.

There are several scholarship programs that are funded by the Central Government and government of various states. Post Matric Scholarships for OBC applicants is a scholarship funded by the Indian government and enforced by the States and union territories. The Government’s objective is to provide financial assistance to post-graduate or post-secondary students of the OBC in order to allow them to complete their education. Pre-matric scholarship scheme has been devised among OBCs for the benefit of children belonging to the weaker Section, and this scholarship would help spread education among these children, particularly among the weaker sections girl child.

Who can apply for obc scholarship?

The candidates belonging to the obc category with a family annual income 1 to 6 lakh per annum are eligible to apply for OBC scholarship.

OBC Scholarship List

The table below gives information about all types of scholarships available to OBC students in India or abroad. You should search for scholarships that suit your needs and apply them within the timeframe defined. You’ll also hear about the amount of OBC scholarships the governments are providing.

Scholarship Government Seats Tentative period
National Fellowship For government 300 July- august
Central Sector scheme of national overseas government 25 July – October
Merit scholarship for OBC students State govt. Delhi N.A March- April
Merit scholarship for Teacher State govt. Delhi N.A March – April
ONGC Scholarship Non-government 1000 September – October
Pre/Post Merit Scholarship State government N.A September- December


Types of OBC scholarship

There are various types of OBC scholarships awarded to learners. These include-

1. National fellowship for obc

It is launched by Government of India to help obc students financially and to encourage them to pursue higher education.

The government assigns 300 scholarships for JRF (journal research fellowship) and others, and the policy relates to all accredited colleges and the university grant board.

This scheme also refers to PWD students who belong to the subclass obc.

2. Central sector scheme of national overseas

This scheme is for chosen candidates who want to seek masters from a foreign university. The fields of study qualifying under this scheme are engineering, administration, science, and medical. 30 percent of scholarships are awarded to female students, and 25 scholarships are awarded per subject each year, and Ph.D. followers are awarded the fellowship for 4 years and the masters for 3 years.

3. ONGC scholarships

Oil and Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is providing 1,000 scholarships to OBC and socially disadvantaged general students in their first year of graduation or postgraduate studies. Students are given a maintenance allowance of INR 4,000 a month.

4. Pre- matric scholarship

The purpose of the scheme is to promote OBC students to seek quality education at the pre-matric level in government schools or private schools recognized by the relevant authorities. Students earn a monthly stipend of up to 500 INR a year. State Governments or the administration of the Union Territory may only provide a scholarship in institutions that have been approved. In fact, there is a 50% grant from the central government to this program. Governments have invested INR 79 Lakes of Rupees by this fellowship.

5. Post matric OBC scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students studying at the post-matric or post-secondary level to allow them to complete their education. This is a 100% federally funded system enforced by the Government of the State and the Union territories. Scholars are charged non-refundable payments (education, football, party, library, etc.), payments for research tours, and thesis typing. A scholarship is awarded to OBC candidate belonging to one State but undertaking a course in another State.

The government has invested about INR 720 crores through this scholarship, and it has been awarded to lakhs of graduates.

6. Merit scholarships for OBC students, Delhi

The welfare department of SC / ST / OBC / Minorities, Delhi, is providing merit-based scholarships to OBC Grade 6 to 12 students and graduates in colleges or technical institutes. The average compensation for technical students is up to INR 1,620 a month and up to INR 4,500 per year for other OBC graduates.

OBC Scholarship eligibility

These scholarships are awarded to obc students based on merit.

The following table offers information on all forms of scholarships offered to OBC students in India or abroad.

Scholarships Criteria
National fellowship for OBC OBC category with annual income 6lakh per am. And passed the post-graduate program  and applied in research without JRF
Central Sector Scheme for National Overseas Candidate with 60% marks, below 35 years, masters and Ph.D. students can also apply
Pre matric scholarships Candidate family annual income does not exceed 2.5lk
For Delhi candidates, the annual income limit is INR44,550 per annum.
Post matric Candidate in the state permanently settle
Merit scholarship for Delhi Candidate have secured 55%
ONGC Scholarship Candidate secure 60% marks in 12th


OBC scholarship online application

You should search for a scholarship that matches your criteria and apply for a defined timeline.

Scholarships Application process
National Fellowship For OBC Visit the official website of UGC
Central sector scheme for national overseas Acquire the form from Ministry of social justice and empowerment
Pre matric scholarship Contact your school
Post matric scholarship Online and offline with state portal
Merit scholarship for Delhi Visit Delhi government portal
ONGC scholarship Visit site of ONGC

OBC scholarship dates

Apply for them within a given period (Tentative) and remain in the best position to satisfy your academic dreams.

Scholarships Tentative Dates
National fellowship For OBC July- August
Central Sector Scheme for National Overseas July- October
Pre Matric scholarships September- December
Post matric scholarships September- December
Merit Scholarship For Delhi March- April
ONGC Scholarship September- October

Scholarship for obc students by state government

OBC Scholarships are a privilege for students of socially disadvantaged heritage. It relieves many of the obstacles that hinder students from finishing their studies.

Obc scholarship for Karnataka

Scholarships are financial aid grants designed to help students pay for an undergraduate degree. A scholarship is only a one-time test. Other school scholarships are renewable and provide students with money for each semester or school year. These awards differ from student loans in that they do not have to be repaid.

Eligibility Criteria must be the owners of the domicile of the State of Karnataka.

The family revenue for OBC and PWD will be up to 1 lakh P / A. Applicants must have 75% of the attendance to qualify for this scholarship.

Obc scholarship for Assam

This scholarship scheme is a federally funded scholarship program for Assam students by the Government of India. Students who have completed the HSLC / AHM examination or enrollment and continue their higher education (i.e., higher secondary, graduation, and post-graduate studies) may apply for this scholarship scheme.

Obc scholarship for Kerala

Scholarships are awarded based on various requirements, such as academic achievement, diversity, and participation, sporting ability, financial needs, among others, or a combination of factors. The award criteria typically represent the principles and goals of the donor or the creator of the award. However, beneficiaries of scholarships are not expected to repay scholarships

Obc scholarship for Madhya Pradesh

Students of the Other Backward Classes (OBC) who are studying at the post-secondary level can apply for a scholarship. The average family income is estimated to be less than INR 75.000 (for a 100 percent scholarship). The total family benefit will be up to INR 1.00000 (50 percent scholarship)

Obc scholarship for West Bengal

A scholarship is a grant of financial aid to an applicant for higher study at a private primary or high school, a private or public post-secondary institution, a university, or another learning institution.

In the case of postgraduate study, the applicant must have earned at least 53% (general) or 55% (engineering) of the points. Annual family income shall not exceed INR 2,5 lakhs a year. … For OBC graduates, the family income does not surpass INR 1 lakh per year.

Obc scholarship for Bihar

The Bihar Scholarship offers a wide variety of educational resources for students living permanently in the state of Bihar. Collectively, the Bihar State Government and numerous private institutions are providing several scholarships to deserving and needy state scholars.

Obc scholarship for Manipur

The Manipur Social Welfare Department of Manipur will declare the Manipur 2020 Scholarship for all students pursuing Pre-Matric / Post-Matric / Technical Diploma and Post-Graduation.


Karnataka Annual income 1 lakh per annum
Assam Vary with the scholarship
Kerala Depends on the type of scholarship
Madhya Pradesh Aggregate 55%
West Bengal 53% marks in last passed exam
Bihar 60% marks, annual income less than 2 lakh per annum
Manipur Aggregate 55%


Documents required for OBC Scholarship

The following papers including caste certificate, income certificate, bank passbook copy, academic year fee receipt, Aadhar card, and passport size photo together with the form, must be attached:. The submission form is not sent offline.

Obc scholarship renewal

The award shall be valid from the point at which it is awarded until the completion of the course subject until good behavior and regularity of attendance. It shall be repeated from the year provided that, within a course that is continuous for several years, the scholar shall receive a promotion to the next higher class regardless of whether such exams are carried out by the University or the Institute.

If for the first time, an OBC scholar following Group A will not take part in the test, the award will be renewed. For second and subsequent defeats in each class, the applicant shall bear his / her expenses before he/she achieves promotion to the next higher level.


Scholarships provide students with the financial lift. They help students to take admission in a degree, as well they boost the morality of children and the enhanced trust a student has in his ability to work for a better future.

Getting a scholarship for your skills would earn you recognition not only in the eyes of others but also on your own. This will mean that you know your strengths and weaknesses and that you can work on the areas where you lack.

Scholarships give many people a chance to gain an education. Without outside assistance, students may have difficulty paying for the degree they need to join.

The OBC scholarship goal is to encourage OBC students to seek quality education at the pre-matric level in government schools or private schools that are recognized by appropriate authorities. Having a scholarship eliminates all financial concerns. It, therefore, gives you more time to read, gain information, and obtain better grades.

OBC Scholarship Frequently Asked Question


When does the National Overseas Scholarship Platform open for the Central Sector Scheme?


Every year the tentative application date is between July and October.


What is the National Overseas Central Sector Scheme official website?


You can access the official web site at http:/nosmsje.gov.in/


What is the OBC National Fellowship application period?


OBC’s Regional Fellowship application window opens every July through August. Times are subject to adjustment and are provisional.

Question 4.

How is the OBC National Fellowship on Official Site?


You can access the official website and application form at https:/www.ugc.ac.in / nfobc/.


When is the deadline for ONGC Scholarship applications?


The application window begins in September and will close by the end of October

Question 6.

What is the official ONGC Scholarship applications website?


You can access the ONGC Scholarships application form at https:/www.ongcindia.com/.

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