NSP Scholarship 2022 – Eligibility Criteria, Last Date, Reward Amount, Online form & Renewal

What is the NSP scholarship?

The full form of NSP is National Scholarship Portal. NSP is an online scholarship portal designed to provide scholarships to the students. The central government and state government offer it mainly.  It is known for its nationwide reach and covers almost all types of scholarships for students studying in class, ranging from class 1 to Ph.D. level.

NSP Scholarship Categories:

NSP scholarship portal schemes are divided into four major categories. Students need to select the applicable category based on their class/course in which they are studying. These categories are given below:

1. Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme:

This scholarship scheme is applicable for school students studying from class 1st to class 10th.

2. Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme:

This scholarship scheme is applicable for school and college students studying from class 11th, 12th, and above, which includes courses like ITI, BSc, B.Com, B.Tech, medical, etc.

3. High-education Scholarship Scheme:

This scholarship scheme is applicable for students and graduates studying in top-level colleges across India such as IITs and IIMs

4. Merit cum Means(MCM) Scholarship Scheme:

This scholarship scheme is for students doing Specialized and Professional courses at graduation and post-graduation level.

NSP Scholarship Portal Eligibility Criteria 2022:

Pre Matric Scholarship

Department Parental Income Primary supporting document Account
Previous year percentage Quota
Disabilities 2 lakh Disability
2. Degree of Disability
Applicable 46000
Monthly affairs 1 lakh Parental income/ religion certificate Hosteller/Day Scholar Applicable 30% of girls
Labour 1 to 2 lakh Worker’s if card Gender N/A N/A
School Education 1.5 lakh Parental income written test N/A N/A 1,00,000

Post Matric Scholarship

Department Parental Income Primary
Amount Variation Previous year percentage Quota
Disabilities 2.5  lakh Disability(>40%)certificate 1.Course group and hosteller day scholar
2Degree of duality
Applicable 16650
Higher Education 6 lakhs(4.5 lakh not- creamy) SC/ST/OBC disability certificate N/A Applicable 82000(50% girls, SC 15%ST 7.5℅ OBC 27℅ Disability 3℅)
Minority affair 2 lakh Parental income/religion certificate Hosteller/Day scholar Applicable 30%girls
Labor 1 to 2 lakh Worker id. Card Gender N/A N/A


Department Notified Institute Parental Income Primary supporting doc Amount variation Previous year percentage Quota
Disabilities 197 6 lakh Disability(>40%certificate) 1.Hosteller/Day scholar
2.Degree of disability
Applicable 160(50 percent of girls)
Social Justice and empowerment 207 4.5 lakh 1.SC certificate
2. Parental income
Gov/private institute Applicable 1250(Institute wise quota)
Minority affairs 85(for full reimbursement) 2.5 lakh Parental income/religion certificate Hosteller/Day scholar Applicable 60000(State-wise community quota)
Labor All professional courses 1 to 2 lakh Worker’s if card Fixed N/A N/A
Tribal affairs 146 4.5 lakh ST certificate Gov/private institute Applicable 1000
PMSS-WARB All professional courses N/A 1.Parental office ID card
2.Previous year certificate
Gender Applicable 5000(Category wise preference)

How to apply for NSP Scholarship in 2022?

You need documents according to your class. You need a 10th/12th mark sheet, mobile number, email id, bank account, aadhar card, pan card, and bonafide certificate. Go to the national scholarship website and fill the required forms. Here are the steps to fill the application form:-

  1. Go to the national scholarship portal.
  2. Get yourself registered on the portal. Accept the conditions and guidelines.
  3. A new registration form will appear on the desktop screen. Fill it out your name, state of domicile, date of birth, mobile number, bank IFSC code, gender, etc.
  4. If you are in class 1-10, choose pre-metric, and if you are in class 12th or beyond, choose post-metric.
  5. You have to put your bank passbook and all the account details.
  6. Your id and password will be generated.
  7. Verify the captcha, and then you can change the password.
  8. After this, fill out all the academic details required there.
  9. You have to upload the documents if the scholarship amount is more than Rs 50000.
  10. After filling the full details, click submit and application number will be generated. You can print out your application. Then, carry your application with your documents and submit them in school or college for verification.

NSP Scholarship Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is an NSP scholarship?

Ans: NSP scholarship is an amazing platform created to fetch all the scholarship schemes together for the students. The central government, state government, and UGC and AICTE Scholarships sponsor it. It hosts about 50 scholarships worth hundreds of crores.

Q When NSP scholarship money will come.

Ans: The merit list comes on the official website. After you are selected, the money will be deposited within 30-45 days.

Q. What is the last date of the national scholarship platform?

Ans: The deadline for applying for scholarship varies according to your category. You can check it according to the category you fall in.

Q. How to register an institute in a national scholarship portal 2022?

Ans: Go to https://scholarships.gov.in and click on the search institute/school/ITI on the top corner of the screen and then fill the application form to register your institute or school for the scholarship.

Q. How to withdraw the application from a national scholarship portal?

Ans: Click cancel scholarship on the right corner of the screen. Click ok. Your application will be withdrawn.

Q. How to apply for a national scholarship?

Ans: The full procedure is given above under how to apply for NSP.

Q. How to check national scholarship status?

Ans: Just log in to the portal by submitting a permanent id and your date of birth. Then click on, “check your status.” To see your scholarship status.

Q How to fill out the national Scholarship portal form?

Ans: After registering the details, fill the academic and other fields required in the form. Upload all the documents needed for verification, and your application is filled.

Q. How to select schemes in the national scholarship portal?

Ans: After you fill out your details in application form according to your eligibility criteria. Then select the scheme according to the suitability and your requirements.

Q. When to take PSAT for a national merit scholarship?

Ans: PSAT is taken for national merit scholarship if you want a national scholarship in a huge amount. The huge scholarship amount of up to $43 million is awarded to some people. It is an eligibility test for national merit scholarships. A good number of marks are required in this test to be eligible for a huge amount of scholarship.

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