Medhavi Scholarship 2022 – Eligibility Criteria, Last Date, Reward Amount, Online Form & Renewal

Knowledge is the currency in the 21st century. You are rich if you know, and you will be richer if you know when and how to use it. Medhavi National Scholarship Scheme is such an initiative by Indian Govt. under the Human Resources and Development Mission, which gives rays of hope to those thousands of brighter students from an economically weaker section.

As the name suggests, Medhavi Scholarship is for Medhavi, i.e., brilliant or knowledgeable students across the country who wants to pursue a career. The financial burden of day to day expenses makes them worrisome. This scholarship helps those meritorious students by providing them financial assistance, which supports learning stress-free and outshines with imbibing education.

What is Medhavi Scholarship?

Medhavi Scholarship helps the scholar students, especially from economically weaker class who have all the capabilities and caliber to move forward, but lack of resources hinders their progress. As a segment of the Digital India mission, it conducts online, so the result can be announced in quick time than waiting for months. Vision “Empowering the scholars, especially from the economically weaker sections and creating as well as enabling environment for strengthening of education in the nation.”

Mission To improve the socio-economic conditions of the scholars from the economically weaker sections through their involvement in the mission and inclusive development so that every citizen has equal opportunity to participate actively in building a vibrant nation.

Medhavi scholarship is available for the candidates in the age group of 16-40 years with the condition that they should have passed at lease Grade / Class 10 examination with any stream from any recognized board. Let us try to explore and learn more about the Medhavi Scholarship Scheme step by step.

Medhavi scholarship Overview

Scholarship Name Medhavi National Scholarship Scheme
Scholarship Provider Govt Authorities Under Human Resource And Development Mission
Scholarship Beneficiary Min. 10th Passed Students
Scholarship Objective Provide Financial Aid
Scholarship Amount Varies from 300 Rs to 14000 Rs
Scholarship Registration Fees Rs 300
Scholarship Registration Via Medhavi National Scholarship Android App By Human Resouces Development Mission available in Playstore
Scholarship Website

Medhavi scholarship EligibilityCriteria

Though scholarship is everyone’s right. However, Medhavi scholarship is for supporting the disadvantaged scholars to support their beginning. Therefore there are some eligibility criteria for applying. These eligibility criterias are as follow:

  • The age limit for eligible candidates is Min. 16 years and max. 40 years.
  • Candidates should have passed Min. matriculation / Class X or equivalent examination from a recognized board by state or central government.
  • As Class X is the Min qualification, those who have cleared Class XII, graduation, post-graduation, and further or any other degree or diploma higher than matriculation are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • For Citizenship Eligibility, a Candidate must be either:
    • (a) A citizen of India.
    • (b) A citizen of Bhutan or Nepal or or a Tibetan refugee who came over to India before 1st January 1962 with the motto to settle  permanently in India and Govt Of India has issued a certificate of eligibility in favor of them.
    • (c) A person of Indian origin who migrated from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Burma, or EastAfrican countries of Kenya, The United Republic of Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Zambia, Zaire, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi and Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India, These are offered a a certificate of eligibility has been issued by the Government of India. : Eligible
  • If a candidate has all the eligibility criteria matched and not applied via Medhavi Android App is NOT ELIGIBLE. Hence, Download the App and Apply With Following Details.

HRD Mission has transformed the Application methodology, and now registration can be done via Medhavi Android App only.

The Process of Application is very simple and easy.

How to apply for the Medhavi scholarship?

Step 1: Download The Medhavi App Step 2: Register yourself with mobile number and Email ID for future communication purposes Step 3: Click on Registration for the available exam (For 2020 – SWABHIMAN 2020 was the name) Step 4: Fill out the details carefully and upload the necessary documents. Step 5:  Complete the registration process by submitting the registration fees of 300 Rs.

And you’re registered now and start preparing with the help of mock exams and solving previous years’ examination papers.

As the Medhavi Scholarship examination is ONLINE via the Android App and has to be attended sitting anywhere where internet connectivity is in good condition, there are some precautions to be taken care of while appearing for the examination. Check the list of precautions and procedures of scholarship examination.


  • As its online scholarship exam, during the time of examination, you won’t be able to receive calls. So, use the CALL DIVERT feature of Call Blocking Apps for the time being to avoid the clash during the exam, which may result in disqualification.
  • Switching Apps is also one the banned function during the examination, so kindly do not switch app and stay on just Medhavi App while going through the examination.
  • The back function is not allowed while appearing for the exam, and doing the same may result in disqualification.
  • Examination pattern consists of ⅓ Negative marking for each wrong answer, so kindly take a note of the same while appearing the exam.
  • The exam consists of 4 sections with 11, 11, 9, and 9 questions to attend within the timeframe of 18 minutes, so preparing for time management is advisable.
  • Try to attempt questions from all the sections for better merit in results. Check the merit calculation for more details below.

Medhavi scholarship Procedure

  • As the examination is to be taken online, make sure you have the latest updated Medhavi App.
  • Keep your User ID and Password you have generated while signing up for logging in quickly before the exam.
  • Logging in before 30 min of the exam is suggested to avoid the end minute panic.
  • Once you logged in before the start of the exam, go through the examination instructions once again.

Once the online examination is over on the scheduled date and time, the selection procedure takes place for deciding the merit ranking based on the score. If there is a situation of the tie, the committee will go with shortlisting criteria of candidates for keeping scholarships for a reasonable number with the help of any of the following methods.

  • Based on the number obtained in the General studies section.
  • On the basis of the number obtained in the English section.
  • Based on the number obtained in the Quantitative Aptitude section.
  • On the basis of the number obtained in the Reasoning section.
  • On the basis of time taken by the candidates
  • On the basis of marks obtained in the matriculation/10th.
  • Candidate of the lower-income family will be preferred.
  • Lucky draw (if required)

The end decision will be abiding by all the applicants and authority reserve the rights for the same.

Medhavi Scholarship is to be given to a specific number of candidates in categories, and this year’s categorization is as below.

Type A (60% and above)

767 candidates will be awarded Type A scholarship

      1.  Rs.8000/- (1st month) + Rs.4000/- (2nd month) + Rs.2000/- (3rd month) = 14,000 Rs.

Type B (More than 50% but less than 60%)

372 candidates are awarded Type B scholarship

      1.  Rs.3000/- (1st month) + Rs.2000/- (2nd month) +  Rs.1000/- (3rd month)  = 6000 Rs.

Type C (More than 40% but less than 50%)

489 candidates are awarded Type C scholarship

      1.  Rs.1000/- (1st month) + Rs.1000/- (2nd month) + Rs.1000/- (3rd month) = 3000 Rs.

Type D (More than 35%)

Candidates who score a minimum passing marks of 35% or above and do not come under any merit list will be given Rs.300 (one time only) as the refund of the registration fee.

Some of the Important dates for Medhavi Scholarship to add in your calendar :

Medhavi Scholarship Task Date
Registration Starts 15th February 2020
Registration Ends 31st March  2020
Registration Extended 5th April 2020
Exam 26th April 2020
Result 30th April 2020
Scholarship Distribution and Refund of Registration Fees 5th May 2020


Medhavi Scholarship Terms and Conditions

If you are looking forward to applying for this scholarship, kindly take a note and see these terms and conditions below :

  • The application fee is 300 Rs which is refundable to only selected students who score more than 35% in the exams
  • The examination questions will be available in 2 languages, English and Hindi (Except English language section)
  • The examination has 40 questions divided into 4 sections (Reasoning, Quantitive Aptitude, General Studies, and English) to be completed within 18 minutes.
  • The exam is an MCQ type exam and to be given from the Medhavi Scholarship android app sitting anywhere on the exam date.

Some important instructions should be known regarding the Medhavi Scholarship, which is regarding payment of scholarship.

  • The scholarship amount will be deposited to the beneficiary’s bank account or PayTM wallet directly via online transfer.
  • As this scholarship is to support the Digital India initiative, the venue that can be chosen by candidates would be android phones with good internet connectivity or computer systems at certain places like cyber cafes or personal or office computers.
  • Though it’s an online exam driven scholarship, incurring any fraud is a crime.

Medhavi scholarship Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Medhavi Scholarship is available for private college students? 

A. There is no bar with the educational institute if you have cleared Class 10 or equivalent exam from govt recognized board.

2. Has Central Govt started this scholarship?

A. Yes, this was started by govt as a part of the Human Resources Development Mission as a National Scholarship Scheme.

3. Is it necessary to download the Medhavi Application? 

A. Yes, because as per the new guidelines, the application can be viewed via the android mobile app only.

4. I am 30 years old. Am I eligible for the scholarship? 

A. Yes, till the age group of 40, a Class 10th pass candidates are eligible for the application.

5. Is there any preparation fees for the scholarship?

A. No, Medhavi App already consists of a syllabus and demo test, which helps preparation.

6. I have paid 300 Rs for the application, but I haven’t received a refund. What should I do?

A. If you would have secured more than 35% in the refund must have been credited in your account; however, yet, in case of query, kindly check or write at

7. How can I register for the scholarship?

A. Download the Medhavi App from the Playstore and Register yourself with the necessary details.

8. I am from SC/ST category. What will be my application fees?

A. The application fees for OBC, GEN, SC, ST is the same as 300 Rs.

9. I am from the OBC category. What will be cut off marks for me for a refund?

A. Irrespective of the category, if you will score more than 35%, you will be eligible for a refund. There is no social discrimination for the scholarship.

10. How would I get my scholarship? 

A. The scholarship amount based on your performance will be deposited to your (Applicant’s Bank account) or PayTM wallet directly.

11. How maximum amount I can get in scholarship?

A. For category A, the total scholarship amount for 3 months is 14,000 Rs, which is the max amount as of now.

12. Can a Businessman who is not Class 10th Pass, eligible for a scholarship?

A. No, the min criteria are Class 10 pass for application.

13. How many scores can I do in scholarship?

A. If you can give correct answers to 40 questions in the given time of 18 min, you can score 100%, which is the max in the exam.

14. What is I attend just Reasoning section only?

A. As per the rule, 35% is Min to get the refundable amount, so you should attend at least 35% questions with correct answers to get the refund and scholarship.

15. How many times can I get the scholarship?

A.Once in your lifetime – One person: One-time scholarship


India is a country of braves and smartest brains, and hence supporting those problem solver brains is the responsibility of all of us. With multiple scholarships, fellowship and other aids, govt. and other agencies are doing their part and Medhavi Scholarship is the highlight as generally, the scholarship is to be given to needy students. However, this scholarship can be applied until the age of 40 means when in need, your brain can help you sustain and restart your life.

Though such scholarship helps people who are eligible for the same, the bitter and sad truth is that majority of the population is yet not aware of the scholarships available to them, and we are trying to spread it to more people who can take benefits of such national scholarship schemes. Hence, if you find this article useful, do put your comment down and click on the Share button to share with your social circle, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, and be part of this noble initiative call helping hands.

Also, do not forget to check many more knowledgeable articles on our website and sharing your feedback to improve more.

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