What is McKay Scholarship?

McKay Scholarship Florida is a program, announced by the Florida department of education. The program gave the opportunity to the parents to select the best education setting for their child, be it public or private. This scholarship was introduced with an aim to provide the information and help in assisting the students, institutions, and communities to promote the desired outcomes. This Scholarship gives students with disabilities, who are eligible and attending school full-time a good platform to develop their knowledge and skills. The McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities has given a large number of students with special needs in Florida to attend the private schools. This scholarship also gives an opportunity to the parents of special students to make a choice in public schools and they can transfer their child to other public schools if he/she is eligible.

Florida Department of Education

FLDOE  is one of the state agency which aims to help students to achieve mastery in one efficient system. It gives an opportunity to the students to improve their knowledge and skills by learning.

Eligibility for the McKay Scholarship Program Florida

The gifted students who meet certain requirements can take advantage of the Mckay Scholarship Program.

  • The student should have studied under the Florida public school in the previous year
  • The student should have been the part of the student membership survey in the Kindergarten during October and February.
  • Must have enrolled for the funding by the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.
  • The student should have the current IEP, which is developed by the local school board and should have received services in the previous year of schooling under the Specialized Instructional Services.
  • The student had been transferred be from the other state due to the  transfer order of his/her parent.
  • The student should also be an active member of the United State Armed Forces.
  • At least 60 days before the date of first scholarship payment , the parent must fill the intent on the website and should notify about it to the district school of that particular region.
  • For admission in the private school the  parent must generate the acceptance certificate , which is required to be eligible to study under this program.

Date of filling the Mckay scholarship Application form 2020

The deadline to fill the Florida John McKay Scholarship 2020 is as given below-

  • For the students who are eligible to for 100% scholarship amount, should file the intent by 3rd July and must enroll by 2nd August.
  • For the students who are eligible for receiving the 75% of the scholarship amount , should file intent by 2nd September and the enrollment of the student should be done by 2nd October.
  • For the students who are eligible for receiving the 50%of the scholarship amount should file the intent by 3rd December and the enrollment should be done by 2nd January.
  • For the students who are eligible for receiving the 25% of the scholarship amount should file the intent by 31st January and the enrollment should be done by 2nd March.

Amount of Scholarship to be Awarded

The amount of scholarship awarded is the almost equal to the amount of public school or the tuition and fees of private school, either of which is less. The amount of Scholarship received is according to the 504 plan. The 504 plan ensures that the disability of the child is identified under the law and the student is learning in the elementary or secondary school. He/she is also receiving the accommodation facility to receive the academic success and to have a good learning environment.The student under the 504 accommodation plan can receive an average amount of $3,977  and can range upto $19,105.

How to apply for the Mckay scholarship scholarship 2020?

The applicant who want to take the advantage of the Mckay Scholarship need to apply through the link


Parent login for McKay Scholarship Program Florida

The parents who have already enrolled for the private school under the John McKay Scholarship Program can check the intent status of student at


Military waiver

If the student is relocating due to the change in parents transfer , that is due to permanent change station orders and if the parent of the student is an active military personnel ,then he/she is eligible for this wavier. But to get wavied the students prior year attendance is considered .

The parent needs to submit the Military waiver Request , if willing to apply for the Mckay Scholarship Program.

The student will only be considered eligible for the Military Waiver only if-

  1. He/She has an active IEP for more than 6 months.
  2. Should be at least 5 years old.

How to apply for Military Waiver 2020?

  1. Parent should fill the military waiver form
  2. Parent needs to send or attach the copy of Permanent Change of Station Order
  3. Parent should also mail the copy of IEP of the student to the district school.

The documents should be mailed at


Contact number

If the any parent , has any query regarding the McKay Scholarship Program they can contact at

Phone number- 850-245-0505

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