Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship 2022 – Eligibility Criteria, Last Date, Reward Amount, Online Form & Renewal

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship for DNTs is a scholarship program funded by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. It is named after the founder of the Indian Constitution. However, this program is being implemented by State Governments/ Union Administrations/ Universities / Colleges in the form of state scholarships. There is a different  Dr. Ambedkar scholarship for each state, including a scholarship for Dr. Ambedkar Chandigarh / Haryana / Tripura.

Additionally, between the Center and the State Government, the proportion of the number of scholarship funds that they receive is 75:25 in this scholarship program. This scholarship is for Tribes Denotified, Nomads, and Semi-Nomads (DNT), who are not in the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes. Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship’s key goal is to provide financial assistance to TAD-owned children to make them socially, economically, and educationally independent.

What is Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship?

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship is available for students who are in either pre-matric or post-matric courses. This stipend was initially implemented by The Ministry of Social Justice. The system is designed specifically for students belonging to the tribes Nomadic, Denotified, and Semi-Nomadic. Under this system, the Government is trying to foster education among DNTs to equalize them with other parts of culture. Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship provides a scholarship amount up to Rs.1500 per year for pre-matric DNT learners and up to Rs.1200 for post-matric DNT learners to fulfill this objective.

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship, Haryana

This scholarship is provided by the Haryana government and is called Dr. Ambedkar Sanshodhit Medhavi Chhattar Sansodhit Yojna. It is for the benefit of the students belonging to the Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, Nomadic, D.N.T.s, Semi-Nomadic, Vimukti Jati, and Tapriwas Jati in particular.

As part of this Dr. Ambedkar scholarship, selected applicants are eligible to receive an INR 8,000 to INR 12,000 scholarship amount per year. With regard to the eligibility criteria, the annual family income of the candidate must not exceed that of INR 4 Lakh. Furthermore, they will have the home of Haryana and research in grade 11.

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship, Chandigarh

This scholarship is carried out by the Chandigarh Department of Education Administration. Students belonging to the Economic Backward Class (EBC) get financial help under this system. Scholarship amount covers tuition fees along with mandatory non-refundable payments and other miscellaneous costs to help students continue their post-secondary education.

To qualify for Chandigarh Scholarship from Dr. Ambedkar, applicants must be Chandigarh’s permanent residents and his or her annual family income must not exceed 1 INR Lakh. Additionally, students eligible for the scholarship must study at an AICTE or UGC approved college.

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship, Tripura

Specifically, this scholarship is intended for Advanced Economics Class (EBC) students in the general category. The Tripura Government Higher Education Directorate directs it.

Students receive financial assistance in the form of maintenance subsidy, non-refundable compulsory enrolment, and other miscellaneous expenses are part of Dr. Ambedkar’s scholarship program. Applicants must be domiciled of the State of Tripura to qualify for scholarship benefits, and their annual family income must not exceed INR 1. Lakh. Additionally, applicants must attend a postgraduate course in a government-recognized institution.

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship for Pre & Post-Matric Students

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship for Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Students is a program administered by the British Columbia Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. This curriculum is primarily designed for students of nominated, nomadic, and semi-nomadic tribes (DNT).

The Government intends to promote education with the TSD as part of this program, to bring them closer to other segments of society. Dr. Ambedkar’s scholarship for Pre-Matric students DNT offers a scholarship of up to 1,500 INR per year and up to 1,200 INR for Post-Matric students in DNT for this purpose.

Level/Field of Study

Dr. Ambedkar’s scholarship is intended for students studying in classes 1 to 10 and 11, 12 (including general, technical, ITI, 3-year polytechnics, etc.), graduation, postgraduation, M.Phil, Ph.D. and post-doctoral.


The Government of India hosts a scholarship for students belonging to Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes (DNTs) by Dr. Ambedkar. The scholarship is specifically open to Indian citizens.

Scholarship amount

Applicants in the TSD group receive financial aid under this scholarship system to continue their studies and complete their studies without thinking about monetary issues. Transfer of funds is done via the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode.

Bank accounts of the beneficiary have to be connected with the Aadhaar card. Furthermore, the scholarship is extended every year, as long as the applicants meet the criteria for renewing the scholarship. See the description of the scholarship value of Dr. Ambedkar.

Scholarship awards

DNT applicants obtain economic support under this system that finances their education and helps them complete their research without worrying about monetary issues. The transfer of funds is performed through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode for the beneficiaries’ bank accounts to be linked to the Aadhaar Card. However, the scholarship is extended every year, provided that the applicants meet the terms and conditions needed to renew the scholarship. See below for information about the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Scholarship Grant.

Groups Scholarship Amount
Group A – Graduate degree and PG level courses such as M.Phil., Ph.D. Post-doctoral research in Medicine, Engineering,
Technology, Planning, Architecture, Design, Fashion
Technology, Agriculture, Veterinary & Allied Sciences, Management, Business Finance/Administration, Computer Science/Applications. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course PG Diploma courses in management & medicine CA/ICWA/CS/ICFA LLM.
For 10 months, hostellers receive INR 1200 per month. Day scholars are given INR 550 per month for 10 months
Group B- Graduate/PG courses leading to degree/diploma/certificate in fields like Pharmacy, Nursing, LLB, BFS, Mass Comm, Hotel Management, Financial services for which minimum qualification is class 12 and more PG courses like MA/M.Sc./M.Com/M.Ed. etc. For 10 months, hostellers earn INR 820 per month. Day scholars are given INR 530 per month for a 10-month term.
Group C- Only those courses which are not specified in Group I & II and which are BA / B.Sc./B.Com degree. The US. For 10 months, hostellers receive INR 570 per month. Day scholars are given INR 300 per month over 10 months.
Group D-All non-degree post-matriculation courses for which the minimum qualification is Class 10, such as Class 11 & 12, both general and technical, ITI, 3-year Diploma, Polytechnic, etc. For 10 months, hostellers earn INR 380 per month. Day scholars are given INR 230 per month over 10 months.

Eligibility Criteria

Each scholarship program preserves certain conditions that students must meet to qualify. Similarly, before completing the application form, you must ensure you meet the eligibility requirements of the Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship for pre-matric and post-matric. The list of eligibility requirements for the Government of India’s Ambedkar scholarship program is mentioned below

  • Candidates must belong to the tribe’s Denotified, Nomadic, and Semi-Nomadic (DNT), which are not part of the planned castes, tribes, and other backward classes.
  • The applicants’ annual family income must not exceed INR 2 Lakh irrespective of source.
  • Candidates must be enrolled in Classes 1 to 10 and Classes 11 and 12 (including general education, technical school, ITI course, polytechnic 3-year program, etc.). M.Phil., Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral programs as well as graduation, postgraduation.

Application Procedure

Applicants qualified to apply for this scholarship can contact their state’s Department of Education if they wish to apply for a Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship for DNT pre-matric and post-matric students.

Pre-Matric Application Procedure

The Scholarship Application must include-

  • A copy of the application for a scholarship in the prescribed form (application forms separate from those approved by the States / TU concerned for the renewal of the scholarship).
  • A copy of the passport-sized photo with a student’s signatures (for a new scholarship) about it.
  • An (original) caste certificate, properly signed by an approved official. Officers not below the Tehsildar level.
  • A parent / independent guardian income statement that shows income calculated by a non-judicial affidavit from all sources. Stamping paper. Registered parents/guardians must receive the employer ‘s income certificate. And they would provide a declaration in the form of an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper for any additional revenues from other sources.
  • An acknowledgement of acceptance of the previous year’s scholarship in the form attached to the application, which was only properly endorsed by the school/institution director concerned. That is if the applicant earned a scholarship in the preceding year under this program.

Post-Matric Application Procedure

  • A copy of the application for a grant in the specified form (a separate application form may be Government / UT concerned about “new” and “renewed” grants.
  • A copy of a passport-sized photo signed by the student
  • A certified copy of each certificate/diploma/degree, etc.
  • An income certificate issued by an authorized revenue officer (in original), not less than the rank of Tehsildar.
  • A certificate in appreciation of the previous year’s scholarship in the form attached to the application, duly signed by the Head of the institution concerned only if the applicant obtained a scholarship under this scheme in the preceding year.

Candidates should submit the full application to the Head of the organization. Once after scrutiny, and with his recommendation, the Head of Institution will forward the application to the sanctioning authority.


Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship dates for Pre & Post-Matric Students have still not been declared. The Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship dates will, however, appear on this page as soon as it is announced.


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Frequently Asked Question

Question 1. How can students register for Dr. Ambedkar’s scholarship?

Answer. Visit the Application procedure section.

Question 2. Who can we apply for Dr. Ambedkar’s scholarships?

Answer. Pre- matric and post- matric applicants can apply for the scholarship.

Question 3. What is Dr. Ambedkar’s Scholarship Eligibility?

Answer. For Eligibility, you can see “Eligibility Criteria.”

Question4. What are the chances that I will get a scholarship?

Answer. Do not be misled. Stipends are highly competitive. Though some scholarships rely on exceptional academic records

Question5. The motive behind providing the scholarship?

Answer. Due to the unaffordable educational fees structure, some students are not able to fulfill their dream. Therefore, keeping in mind their higher education, the initiative has been taken.

Question 6. How can I check the status of my application?

Answer. You can log in with your email id and password on the portal. Then check the status of my application.

Question 7. What happens if I forgot the Login id?

Answer. Select the forget password option on the login page. A link will be sent to your email address.

Question 8. What are the mandatory fields in the online application form?

Answer. Fields provided with the symbol (*) are mandatory.

Question 9. How can I edit and save the filled information in the application form?

Answer. The full information can be edited multiple times before the final submission of the application form.

Question 10. What to do if application status shows failed?

Answer. This means that you have to resubmit the application as it was not submitted due to some technical error.

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